Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tales of a Destructo-Baby

That's right.  I'm talkin' bout Leah.  It's daily..... and I mean DAILY......  that Leah gives us cause to stare.....mouth wide opened- heart skipping and pounding- and brains calculating the cost of what she has recently destroyed.

Oh?  Are you new to this list?  You may not know our story.  Let me just clarify.  Leah: Our 2 year old caboose.  Sweet baby girl.  The cutest little thing you'll ever see.

So.  For the most part of 'little-bit's' walking world, she was taking on only small-scale-demolition projects.  Emptying cereal boxes, or pulling toilet paper off the roll, pulling books off the shelf- (ripping said books in half causing her sisters to run in terror, their 'tattle-tales' wagging behind them).   Like I said- small scale.

And then- our adorable 3rd (and final) little girl started taking on heavier projects.  Taking her diaper off after a 'shoo-shoo' and.... well... let's just say that mess is bigger than any emptied out cereal box.  Flower pot on the window-sill?  Not anymore. That black soil that was in it?  Gone.  It's all over the floor, the clean laundry (folded neatly in the basket) and all over the bed.

Baby powder.  Not once.... not twice... NOT-EVEN-just-THREE-times.... time and time again, she sought out the baby powder container (picture short-stuff climbing atop a tall dresser, drawers pulled out as her stepping stool- just to reach the top and empty out that baby powder).  The greatest mess of all time.... again... and again.

We have to lock all bathroom doors from the inside out.  Imagine a small bathroom- with a small sink- and a smallish curly headed girl.  The sink's plug gets pushed down, the water is turned out.... and 2 rooms are flooded.  The bathroom is tile.  The 'play' room?  Not.  Wooden floors are buckled.  And our 2 year old looks at us as though to say "Hey. What? This is fun, right?  I'm so cute.. you couldn't possibly be mad at me."

And it's true.  All of the destructo-baby things out 2 year old is taking on are all- very simply- just the effects of being TWO.  She is the cutest.  I'm telling you.  Could your heart do anything other than melt when you hear these adorable words:

"Thank You, Mommy for my yummy gwapes."
"I sing song to Daddy, K?  It's our time... to siiiing to Daaaaaaad-eeeee"

and spontaniously, she breaks into the cutest song from Signing-Time "Whoa!!! Whoa!!!!  Look atmy hands.... look atmy hands thew dew-tee.  WHOA!!! WHOA!!!! Look at my hands- look atmy hands thew CWEAN!!!   Soap and water.  Soap and water... WHOA WHOA!!!!!!! Look at my hands. "

"That yours shoes, Mommy? I get them.  Oh.  They heah-bee.  They heh-bee!!!!"  (heavy)

"My 'carf...  my carf... I need my 'carf!" (scarf)

And should a burp let itself out of my mouth- she reminds me "Say scuse me, Mommy!!!!  Say SCUSE me!" (excuse me)

Or last night- when she was coughing and coughing and Coughing- waking up and crying, and eventually, her and I both took a spot on the recliner so she could be elevated enough to NOT cough (as much)....

When we settled in, and were laying still- she looked at me- eyes groggy,  though SMILING, she announced (in scraggly pitiful voice) "I Fah-Ted"  (farted)

Destructo-Baby.  Yes she is.  Heart-grabber.  Most definitely.  Can we get mad at her?
NOT-A-CHANCE!  She's just toooo cute!

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