Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hypocritical Parents

I'm a hypocrite.   I realized it the other day- all of a sudden- when my 2 year old (who is learning to NOT poo-poo in her diaper) walked into the bathroom.  

I have no privacy.  What bathroom door??  I think my kids walk through them.   Anyway.  My 2 year old walks in- just as I am finishing up-uh?- my bathroom 'stuff':
 "You usin' the pot-tee?"  
"Yes. Mommy's using the potty"
And she walks over to stand in front of me- and looks down at my recently placed "special" napkin.
She looks back up at me.  She's confused.  She looks back down at my 'napkin' and says "Not pee pee in your bi-per, Mommy.  In the pot-tee!!"     And she leaves the bathroom.  

I'm a hypocrite in her little eyes.

And I tell my middle child:
" Use nice words.  Don't talk mean to your sister.  Stop screaming.  Stop yelling.  It's not nice.".

5 minutes later.... I've lost my patience.  I have had it!  You might find me hollering from the bottom of the stairs:   "ZOE!!!  What. DID! I TELL YOOOOOOO!??!?!?!??!?!   USE.    NICE.  WORDS!!!!"

Yup.  I'm a hypocrite.

And to my 6 year old I instruct:  "It's important to use our time wisely.  We shouldn't play around when there's work to do.  Let's focus on school."   She later finds me on Facebook being a total slacker while there is a pile of dishes in the sink; growing mold.

And.... I'm a hypocrite.


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