Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love Letter Contest

Yesterday- (Feb 3) I entered my first love letter to Joshua on the Focus on the Family website.
They're having a 'contest', and each day- FOUR winners will be announced.  Each day- these 4 winners will win a prize;  A book or study of some sort about marriage.
I didn't win yesterday's.  And I can not tell a lie.  I'm bummed!  Maybe because I lost?
I also had high hopes of getting a notification that "I Won" on my birthday. Today

Really, though- the thing that bums me out the most is that the love letter I composed seems to be lost in cyber-space.  I don't know how to get a copy of it.  I didn't save it anywhere.  I typed it out directly through their site, hit "submit" and forgot to copy it to a retrievable file.

What I AM excited about is the fact that this contest will go on for another 9 days.  It ends at 3:59 PM (Mountain Time) on February 12, 2010.

What I'm even MORE excited about is that it represents ONE DAY for each year that we've been married that I will write a love letter to my husband during this contest.

And the best part of all:  The grand prize winner will be awarded:
Round Trip Air to Colorado Springs, CO.
Two Nights at The Broadmoor Hotel and Resort
Tickets to the LIVE Focus on Marriage simulcast event
An exclusive dinner with the featured speakers on Feb 26
And Essentials of Marriage products!

The trip will take place from February 26 through February 28.  It is an amazingly significant time frame to be entering this contest- our TEN YEAR wedding anniversary is March 3.  The winners of this contest will be attending this event the weekend before our anniversary.

Can I be any clearer that I am praying- PRAYING that God will give us supernatural Favor and somehow allow us to win this prize.

Not only have Joshua and I been desperately searching for an opportunity to have a weekend away- we have also tried figuring out a way to spend our anniversary... ON A TIGHT BUDGET!

I over think.  I hope very high.  And  I understand this.... "The higher you hope- the harsher the disappointment."  But?  I also know that I have extreme faith.  If I don't win a single contest- I've still got the opportunity to write my husband love letters- and we'll have THAT memory to cling to in the years to come.  I can see it now

 "Remember the time I tried to win us a trip to Colorado for our 10 year anniversary and I wrote all those love letters?"

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  1. Ah, This is perfect! Clears up
    many contradictions I've read