Friday, February 5, 2010

Love Letter Number THREE


I've heard it said that our 'earthly father' can sometimes (unknowingly) give us the image of our 'Heavenly Father'.  We seem to relate who God is through what kind of daddy our father was.

I'm not sure if I've heard anyone say the same thing for a husband..... but it almost has to be true!!!  There have been so many times that, when thinking about you- and the love you have for me- I think "Wow!  God loves me like this, too?  Wait!!!  He loves me even MORE than this?!"  And I am in awe.

You know all of my secrets.  Every terrible thing about me.  You've seen me in my lowest place. Yet?  You love me, still.  (And you like me, which is even more incredible!)   So- it must mean that God loves me, still, despite my short-comings, despite my flaws, and my imperfections.  Sure.  I've known "God loves me".  But you bring it home- you make it realer the magnitude and the depth of HIS love.  Does that make sense?

And after having 3 kids over a short 4 year period- I'm not toting around a 'beauty queen' sash, yet you look at me as though I did.  You call me beautiful, and desirable after a long day of taking care of our home and our girls- food stained clothes, baggy eyes and all.....!   And if you call me beautiful- at my homeliest, how does God see me?  I can not imagine!

You reflect an image of God, in who you are, and in how you love.   Our daughters get to witness an INKLING of how deep their Heavenly Father's Love is through you.  They won't have to question His love, or yours- and neither do I.  You are adored.  I love you so much!

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