Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Letter Number FOUR (I've missed a few)

 Why do I want to grow old with you?

 Marriage is hard.  We have struggled, haven't we?  Raising 3 young girls ain't exactly easy, is it?

 Going from our 2 year old's needs of diapers and redirection, to our 4 year olds' need for attention and bounce-proof-couches, onto our 6 year olds' need to know every-single-thing about ... ever-single-thing!  And somehow, we have to change course and focus on our marriage- on each other!  How do we do that?!?!

Love.  Humility. Sacrifice. Passion..... and a boat load of Humor.

I want to grow old with you because I need you!  You love me!
I need you to protect me when I am drowning in chaos- when you humble yourself and clean up the "Great Flood of 2010" after our 2 year old left the bathroom sink on- and the plug.. plugged in.
I need you to hold me when I'm inconsolable, sacrificing your need for more (than just having you hold me).
I need you to desire me- and you DO!
And I need you to make me laugh when I have found that there was NOTHING funny about my crazy day.  And you always make me laugh!

I envision the uncomfortable remarks we'll get from our daughters when they're teenagers.... you know... when (in our late 30's and very early 40's ) we're "Old" and they catch us sneaking a smooch in the kitchen (that's where "sex" starts, right?!?!).

I want to grow old with you because there is so much more to look forward to for The Rest of Our Life.  We're just getting started (after 10 years).

I want to grow old with you because you are THE MAN God intended me to grow old with.  You are my 'rescue-hero'.  I love you!

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