Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take Over Me


I hear these amazing songs.

I envision the artist sitting down- instrument tuned- waiting on YOU speak to their heart.   And when You do- they play the melody and they vocalize their hearts cry.

That's what I envision- YOU doing... through me.
Can I cry a little bit again?  Can I plead a little more?  Can I get on my knees and beg?
I want to SING!!  I want to sing, Lord.  I want to sing the songs You have given me.

I want to write the Words that YOU are speaking to my heart;  and I do.  Thank You for Your Word.
I want to hear the guitar and feel the power when the bridge leads into the chorus,  and I want to feel the passion in the song You write through me;   and I do.
But I can't sing it harmoniously.  I can't sing it melodically.  I can't sing it.
I can't sing it and make it beautiful.  But I want to.  I want to, Lord.

 I feel like I'm a useless vessel... ..........but I know
... nothing You make is useless.  Nothing You do is in vain.
There are no imperfections created by Your hands, are there?  No.   I know.  I know that.

I can't sing the tune to the songs You gave me, Lord.....  I can't vocally express the passion that runs so fervently through me.  But I can write them.  And I can read them.  And in my heart- I can sing them for You; to You.

Thank You.

My fingers don't interact with my brain on a guitar to strum the melody......
I see myself in front of a piano.  Or a keyboard?  Anything with 88 keys.

I have a notebook full of scraggly writing.

I'm writing the words that You speak...I'm writing the wisdom that you teach.
 I'm writing my thoughts, and  my fears,  and they fill pages stained with humble tears.

Because I can't sing.  I can't sing the song You wrote through me.  I can't sing it and make it beautiful.
 But You can.
And You do.
And You will.

Thank You, God.
Thank You,  Lord.

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