Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love Letter Number TWO

My faithful friend. My heart's desire.
The calm in the storm, you are courage under fire.
In the depth of our struggle; you patiently wait.
With brokeness; I've heard you pray

"Love is patient. It is kind. It trust. It protects. It hopes."
 Most importantly it perseveres.  The part of love that matters most.
 In all my efforts to push you away
 You've stood firm in Love,  you chose to stay.

 We signed a contract- on paper, and in our heart
Agreeing that only death would pull us apart
It doesn't get easier- yet we continue to fight
For our marriage, our children, for what we know is right

We battle, we rage, we fight in this war
Together we aim at the enemy's door
Beside you I'll stand- sword held high
I'll fight for you as you fight for me- for the rest of our lives

Because Jesus Christ held out His arms
Bleeding tears and a crown of thorns
He died for us. He suffered.  He pained.
Fighting for Love will not be in vain!

I love you truly with all of my heart, Joshua!
God has amazingly set it up so that I could write you one letter, per day, for each year we've been married.
In just a few weeks, we'll celebrate 10 years!  
I'll never be able to express how our marriage has awakened a new awareness of just how big our God is.  
According to the "world's standards", we shouldn't be standing beside each other now, loving each other,
and hanging on for dear life as we travel through another valley.
BUT! OH! How sweet it is when we reach that mountain top.  Side by side!

And I'm discovering that the mountain gets higher and higher every time we climb it!

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