Monday, February 22, 2010

In my life....

To my Daddy God:

Thank You Father for this radio station that I'm listening to right now.  The Jesus Loving songs that I get to FEEL when I make time to sit in Your presence.  Thank You for the dj that chooses, so carefully, so prayerfully, the songs that move through the air waves.  And I know he does.  I know he prays.  And You- the God of the Universe- Abba Father, Yeshua...... You led me to a rabbi.  A teacher not afraid to teach the Truth.  Your Truth.  I'm overwhelmed.

You gave me a friend... You gave me a "Jonathon"  friend- and I don't deserve it.    Did Jonathon love David despite all of David's mess ups???  I'm humbled.  My friend- who loves me- though I've confessed to her how awful I really am.  A friend that will rebuke me when I need it.  A friend that will lend me a ladder of encouragement when I've put myself in a pit of discouragement.  A faithful friend.  Thank You.

You gave me a strong-tower.  You gave me a sister-friend.  My sister.  She knows me well.  She knows me completely.  All of my short-comings (and goings)......she's witnessed most.   And somehow- she is still willing to look up to me?  To seek my advice?  To trust me?  I don't understand it.  Thank you for my sister.  We are each other's strong-tower.

You gave me a husband.  In him, I have a friend, a strong tower, and a teacher.    I'm in awe of how well You know me, God.  You knew I'd need Joshua.  Joshua.  (God is My Salvation).  You knew I would need him to challenge me.  To forgive me.  To stand beside me.  To rejoice with me.  You knew I would need him to hurt me- deeply, painfully, and regrettably- so that I could attain an empathetic heart.  You knew I'd need him to love me- deeply, painfully, and with out ANY regret so I could some how, remotely comprehend how vast Your love is!   He is one of those scars You've given me, Lord.  Your grip has been so tight (on our marriage), and it's hurt- but our scars are beautiful.  Beautiful scars.  Thank You, God.

A rabbi.

A friend.

A strong-tower.

A husband.

Thank You for letting me get a closer look at Who Jesus is- through the people You have put in my life.

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