Monday, October 5, 2009

Shamefully Distasteful

I got dressed- and rushed out the door, and as I opened the passenger side door, my husband said "Are you going to wear that?!?!"

There I was- in a pair of blue sweats, and a green Veggie Tales t-shirt (shout out to my favorite cucumber Larry.... what! what!)

I wanted to be comfortable. We were going to do a hang out-talk-out-teach-me-more session with some awesome friends and spiritual leaders. I didn't give a pickle about how I looked. I didn't want to worry about a low cut shirt (ugh!!!!) and fidget with my jeans that seem to NEVER fit me right. Sit down, stand up, adjust my britches because I'm 700 feet tall and can't find any that rise the right way.

So- I had to really stop myself. First! My husband has been told a gazillion times to TELL me if I look stupid before going out in public. And I'm the chick that means it! Tell me the truth- I can handle it- and really very often need a good dose of it lest my head stays in the clouds.

I am not girly enough to care if my sweats are too baggy and my shirt is 14 years old (hey hey thrift store friends) if I'm JUST going to sit down and hang out with- basically- my family.

HOWEVER- this is my man. I wanna look fine and dandy for him. Ok- not dandy.... just Fine! I do. So, when he notated that "I- did- not- look- good -at- ALL" I scurried into the house and (quickly) found a pair of jeans, a girl-a-fied top, and a fitted jacket (his fave look on me... ). I tossed on a pair of dressy flats, and Voila!

This event made me ponder on something very mischevious. I need to tell him how convenient it was that I could go from slob to 'hey baby!' in a matter of 4 minutes. The answer to all my woes of shame and dis-taste..... Clothing. Stylish, on the hanger, in my closet, CLOTHES! (the ones I threw on just happened to be fairly new (to me) and to my closet . A hand me down shirt, consignment store jacket, clearance shoes.....

I could score a shopping spree. I'm just saying.... if he likes me to look good in what I'm wearing, he could possibly be willing to let me lose in Eddie Bauer- or Gap- or.... I don't even know! Those places that have cute clothes but over do my budget.

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