Monday, October 12, 2009


Our last family photo was taken...... January 2006. Yep. Really! OVER 3 years ago.

Goodness, gracious... MAN-ALIVE (as my Grandma would say.)

We have a camera. Yes.

Do I get the pictures printed? Nope. I download them. Then upload them to Snapfish. Then... I just..... PROCRASTINATE as thousands of Anderson photos float around in internet nomad's land... waiting on me to retrieve them. (Please! Print me! PLEASE!!!)

So? It's been since before Leah was conceived that we've had a sit down photo shoot with frame-able family photos.

Long overdue.

I've got a few decisions to make. Olan Mills? (they did good last time) or Family friend that does an AMAZING job? (She photographed family shots of us when Zoe was a teeny tiny newborn (more cd's of pictures to procastinate getting printed???)

Anyway. I just thought I'd share how GREAT and AWESOME I am at this whole "Mom Thing".

OH! One more. Leah will be "2" in about 12 days. I've NEVER had professional pics of her taken. NEVER. Not once.

Ok. I'm done showing off my awesomeness. Try not to beat yourself up too much for not being able to measure up to the amazing mom that I am. It's hard. (Being this good.) But? Ya know? For some of us? IT just comes so natural.

The End.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better...our only "professional" family portrait was way back when Jordan was only a month old. And it was for a church directory. We had portraits made for Shaun like every other month when he was a toddler, but only once for Jordan...when he was around 6 months old. I do have several friends who are reasonable and great photographers. I've tried several times to set up appointments, but something always comes up. I guess we're doomed to be picture-less.