Monday, October 12, 2009

Author in Waiting....

I do think- that at some point in my life- I'll have written a book. Maybe it won't get published, maybe it will? I don't think I actually care, either way.

Joshua ONLY bought me this handy little laptop that I type on during each blog, so that I would, in fact, become a published author and make (him) a million dollars. Ha! He actually meant it- lovingly- and it was sweet to hear that he had extreme confidence in me, and then SEE it in action when he totally surprised me with the Acer on my birthday this year (Feb 09).

He was cute about it. Really cute, actually!! I woke up in the morning with a birthday card on the dining room table. It said something like "I couldn't afford to get a you a laptop for your birthday..." and then the inside said something funny.

He had already left for work. On my way to (somewhere) that morning, I went out to start the van to let it get cozy before I loaded up the girls. And there, on the front seat, was an unwrapped box that indicated I had a NEW computer. A laptop. A notebook. Something that didn't tie me down to the computer chair! "WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!" Speed dial #2. "OH MY GOSH!!!! DID YOU seriously BUY THIS FOR ME??!??!!"

Joshua is not exactly the Rico Suave of important dates. Anniversary, Valentines, Christmas, Birthday. It's hit or miss. When he misses, it's such a let down.... let's be real here, somewhere buried deep inside (way deep) I'm just your typical girl that wants some Wooo-Ing.

When he hits, though (aka... doesn't FORGET)- it makes up for EVERY time he has ever neglected the certain occasions that are important to me. I have 2 bottom line occasions that I really want to be 'honored' on. Ok, actually... 3.

#1 My birthday. I love birthdays. My Daddy is to blame for this. He made a point, even in our adult life, to make our birthdays super special.... complete with Ice Cream and Cake!!

#2 Our Anniversary. It's unfortunate for him, that it's ONE MONTH after my birthday.... but it's not so much the gift giving as it is the "make it super special" that I hope for. I think my hope is that he considers the fact that I've had to put up with him for *xx* years and I totally deserve a nice 'date' out. And, too, I hope to get at least one date with him per year so we can actually remember why it is we got married, and that we do, actually, still really like each other. You know, "like like", each other, not just "like".

#3 Mother's Day. Ok- I'm not his Mommy- but I'm the Mother of his children. I prefer this to be a special day set aside to just RELAX. Let me relax, totally- completely. Clean the house. Wash the car. Send me somewhere for a massage?? It doesn't matter, really.

Ok- anyway- I'm obviously side tracked.

Guess what the whole point of this blog was today???

To announce- to all 3 of my readers... that I HAVE A TITLE for the book I'll one day write. Yaaaay!!

I'll tell you in person (or via email) if you really want to know.

I told my husband, and he said "Ohhhh-Kay" He didn't get it. I'm kind of nervous now, you know, doubting myself and all. "It's lame. It's a totally lame title."

Then again? If I told Joshua we had just WON a million dollars, he'd likely say "Ohhhhh-Kay" and add a little bit of a smile just to show he's happy about it.

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