Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You know how if you have a bottle of 'soda', and you shake it, shake it, shake it, and then shake it some more- it sort of gets all 'excited' and the bubbles start spewing out when you take the lid off?

It gets all over the place! A bubbly sticky array of soda gets all over you (and), should anyone be anywhere near you while you're holding that bottle, they get spewed as well. The floor gets all sticky and gross, and for days, you're finding books or containers with random sticky 'water spots' all over them!

But after the bubbles have stopped exploding all over everyone, and the fizz stops fizzing, you're left with a flat bottle of soda. Now what? Who's gonna drink that?! It's all used up. The carbonation is gone, it's no longer soda, it's like a brown sugar water with a stale flavor. Nasty.

This illustration could be used for so many references in so many directions- but the bottom line is-

Take it easy. Don't try to get too excited and fizz yourself out. Slowly take a step, here and there, savor the excitement, keep it 'carbonated'. Enjoy it til the last drop! Ideas. Goals. Plans. Soda... WHATEVER it is.

Keep the fizz fizzy.

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