Friday, October 9, 2009

Leah Words: Zo-Oye. Goggie. Fall Dowwwn. O-kaaay

This morning, during breakfast- Zoe was talking to Leah, um?, telling Leah what to do, rather.

"Leah. Don't do that. Leah. LEAH! Leah. Leah eat your waffles. Leah. Stop playing with your food."

And Leah turned to her sister, calmly, matter-of-fact like and said "Shut UP Zo-oye"

I can't tell you where she heard this. It may have been from me. "Shut UP Schneider!!!" (when he's barking his crack head off!) Most of the time, though, she walks around saying "Hush Goggie. HUSH!!!"

How I wish she had said "Hush Zo-Oye" But I'm not gonna lie- I couldn't contain the giggles that erupted. Which caused giggles from Kyla. Cackles from Zoe. And from Leah?

"Shut. Up. Shut. Up. Shut. Up. Heee heee heee heee. Shut. Up. Zo-Oye." as she giggled and cackled and raised her eyebrows in the most adorable way.

She's got to be the sweetest baby. Kyla was sweet, Zoe was sweet, and now.... sweetness #3. But, where Kyla and Zoe were sweet and strong willed.... Leah is sweet and compliant! Double bonus!

"Leah, let's go to bed." and she makes her way to the stairs saying "Okaaaay."
"Leah, put that down." and drops the forbidden item saying "Okaaaay."
"Leah, spit that out." and she says "Okaaay" and drops the 'yucky' into our hand

She uses her words. "Food? Eat?" and when we prepare her food, she says "FOOOD!!! Eeeeee! Eaaat!!!!!!!"

She tells us what she's doing. "Mess! Huuuhhh? MESSSSS!" (after she's dumped out a box of cereal)

She knows where things that she's 'hidden' are located. "Leah, go get your shoes." and she toddles off "Okaaaay!" and comes back with her shoes in her hand. Sometimes, she toddles to her bedroom, while others, she toddles to the playroom and opens a toy box and picks out one shoe... and moves over to the foyer and finds it's match.

I have to remind myself, during the painful process of teething (painful for her... painfully exhausting for me) that Leah is STILL the sweet, compliant baby girl that we've known and loved for the past 1 year..... 11 months.... 15 days..... 6 hours and 9 minutes.

She's still adorable when she backs herself up to sit in my lap with a book in her hand so that I'll read to her.

She's still going to grab our heart when she looks up at Joshua while he's leaning against the counter in the kitchen, and then backs up right beside him to 'lean' against the counter as well- looking up at her Daddy and showing all 16 of her teeth with her huge grin!

It will always be sweet to see her raise her eyebrows, eyes wide open sucking in an excited breath of air with if she's been given a 'gift' (a coloring book and crayons, a book, a toy....) or when she's discovered something NEW. "Ohhhh. WOW!!!!!!"

And just now... right this second, she ran into the living from (from the kitchen) and handed me a lollipop. Looking at me expectantly saying over and over, "Eh. Wan. Pop Pop? Pop Pop? Pop. Pop?" She just stared at me. Patiently. Waiting on the "Pop. Pop."

And oh how precious that she has always called a drink "NGung" and we STILL can't figure out the difference between what "NGung" is and what "Bong" is. It has SOMETHING to do with what she's drinking, but we're just not sure when it's a "bong" or when it's "Ngung"

Yes. She's typical in the "Destructo Baby" age that she's at. Our house has not EVER been as messy as it has been in the past 6 months.

And that's ok..... SOMETIMES! It's ok for this post.

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