Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Honeymoon Ain't Over Yet....

I'll be brief for the first part of this. March 3, 2000 is our wedding day. June 24, 2000 was the day we had our ceremony. I know- it's weird. We only had 3 months to wait... but really.... we had a free weekend, a car, some cash, raging hormones......and therefore a destination to Chattanooga, TN to elope. We spent the night there. Nuff said. My family (save my bff and sister Holly) was none the wiser.

So. On our '2nd' honeymoon (the day after our ceremony) we decided to go to Chattanooga, TN again- to actually enjoy the town. I was 19 years old, Joshua was 21. So young. So innocent. So NOT chubby!

I have a picture of me, in a red 'bandanna' looking dress. It's simple, mind you. Not actually CUT in the shape of a bandanna, but the same color pattern, etc. I bought it from "the mall'' in Tn. Ohhh! I thought we were awesome. Paul Harris Denim. (Is that place still around?)

I don't remember how much I weighed back then, OR what my pant size was. The dress is a "Junior" XL, though. I've kept it this whole time. That says a LOT, because I simply do NOT hang on to 'stuff'. Oh how glad I am that I saved that dress!!

I also have a pair of black pants that I wore when I was 17. It was the thinnest I'd ever been- at a size 11. I know- it's not even a 'small' size, but I'm a tall girl. It's 'small' for me.

My goal has always been to look GREAT in that dress again. I want to slip it on, and totally WOW my hottie of a hubby. Wow him in a way that says "Yes! My wife has worked hard to get herself BACK to where she was (shape-wise) when we first got married."

I tried that dress on today. Ya. It's snug. Mainly in the upper part of my body. Namely- my boobies. 3 kids later.... I mean... what do you expect? I can zip it- BUT- I need to lose a few more pounds to make it work. My arms need to slim down and tone up, and my belly.....?..... 3 kids later.... I mean?.... what do YOU expect?!?!

I guess I'm saying all this to encourage myself. I'm ALMOST pre-baby, pre-post-marriage-chub size. I'm almost there.

I've got 25 pounds to lose in order to hit my ultimate goal weight. TWENTY FIVE POUNDS! That's like NOTHING for some people. I want it. I really do. I also want to surpass it eventually, and be at a 'doctor approved weight'.

So- I'm setting a goal. THE best goal ever! I want to shed 25 pounds by March 3, 2010. 5 pounds a month should NOT be hard. I want to wear my 'honey moon' dress on our 10 year anniversary. I want to buy a 10 year anniversary dress..... and totally BLOW my honey's mind at how super-fine his wife is.

Honeymoon vs. 10 year anniversary. Which looks better? I want the latter to win.

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