Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Put Your Junk in My Trunk.....

In September, God ignited a passion in my heart for a little South American country called Nicaragua. Interestingly enough- He used Facebook as a tool to spark that passion- by allowing me to reconnect with a priceless couple that we've known for years. This couple did what the Rich Young Ruler could not do...... when God told them to sell everything they had, and follow Him (to Nicaragua), they obeyed.  

To set the stage, so to speak, I need to clarify that this family (they have a daughter, 12 years old) lived here, in the U.S. with a definite financial advantage. He was a contractor, she was a VP for an insurance company. We visited their (previous) house for a social event several years ago, and.... WOW!.... I mean- WOW! Her walk-in closet was bigger than our LIVING ROOM, the bathrooms and kitchen were granite and marble, hard wood (beautiful wood!) floors through out; they had intricate details all through out their home, details that indicated that money was certainly not an obstacle. I'm not sure of the property size- but we're talking ACREAGE. I bet I'd be safe calling it their "Dream Home''. And... not long after it was built- they were called!!!  

I say this to spell out how this family sacrificed the comfort and luxury of their life in order to travel to a destitute country- to live among the poor and the lost. They made a choice to give everything for the sake of The Cross. They are living their lives fully and completely in the midst of a beautiful plan that God had layed before them! Currently- they live in a very small house- on a small farm. She spends her days teaching at a local school and he has been working toward creating a source of income for the locals. 

Can you believe that this family survives on a super small income? SUPER small. They did not make petitions for 'help' like most overseas missionaries have to do. They work. They work HARD!  

So, through this family- God put a fire in me. A blazing passion for this country. In early 2010 (undecided date) a team that will include myself, my husband and another couple (as well as whomever else will decide to get on board) will travel over to Nicaragua. We will be over there for the basic 'walk through' to see WHAT the needs are in that area.  

At this time- my prayer and my goal is to be able to document the present needs that are waiting to be met in that area. I will be photographing, video taping, and journaling through out the week that we are there. We will walk through what's called "The Dump" and visit feeding centers. We will visit with the (oh so many) orphans, and the homeless.  

All of this, the traveling over, the documentation, the plan to get a clear understanding of what is needed, will be used for a much larger purpose. A plan that ONLY God could set up- because it's huge! A vision that really- actually- blows me away. This vision will be posted at a later date. It's Incredible.  

So... the purpose of THIS note- is to say "Put Your Junk in My Trunk". We are going to start the process of a 'benefit' yard sale- to make provisions for The Trip. The proceeds from said yard sale (date and location to be announced) will pay for air fare and lodging (or offset the cost) for the TWO couples that have already committed to this trip. 

I would love for it to enable us to add one more couple to the trip- so I'm believing for a 'whole lotta junk'!!! Better yet- I believe that there's a possibility to use this Social Networking tool to allow for even further provisions- maybe allowing us to purchase food and clothes for those that are starving and homeless. I've not doubt that all of us have 'stuff' laying around that we no longer need. I know I do! I've already boxed up several containers. It's a win, win, win!! I'm getting rid of the excess, decluttering my home, AND giving to a cause that is greater than I could possibly imagine.

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