Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Deep thoughts with Kyla......

"Mommy? Why is money more important than animals?"

First thought that ran through my brain, "Where did she hear that?!?!" Out loud I asked, "Um? I don't know what you mean?"

(Did she recently hear a random conversation somewhere??- she is an eavesdropper.... she listens to what people are talking about all of the time.)

"I don't know. I just don't understand why money is so important. I mean? Do we need money? Do we have enough?"

That was this afternoon. She was solemn when she asked me these questions; as if she'd been in deep thought. Was her heart truly sad? Or? Was she just being dramatic because I had her involved in a task that wasn't 'fun'. (dog walking)

"Money isn't important, but it's necessary. We use it to pay for our house, and our power, and our water, and our food..... Yes, we have enough. We're ok."

"Is money more important than people?" (No brainer!) "NO WAY, Kyla. Nope. I'd rather go with out food and not have a place to live than to ever be with out YOU. You're way more important than money."


I wasn't sure where that bit of q&a had come from- but I'm pondering on some deep revelation. Like- in Nicaragua- it's possible that money is more needed than animals... I'm thinking on that. Did God use Kyla to speak that to me? I do not at all even a little bit doubt it. I'll wait.

Speaking of Kyla- on Monday Kyla said

"I'm just not sure that I like God very much." (WHOA!)

"Well? That's something to really think about. It's an important decision to make."

"Does God like me?" (she already knew the answer- but I played my part)

"Yes. God DOES like you. He loves you!"

"Does God love me more than He loves himself???"

Uhh.... um?.... The answer has to be somewhere in my brain. Searching..... searching..... Oh no! I was stuck.

"Let's call Daddy. He's really wise. He'll know."

Speaker phone. "Does God love Kyla more than He loves Himself?"

..... and after a sweet chuckle, Joshua says "I'd say..... YES. He does. Because Jesus died for us, and Jesus was God. Therefore, God DOES love Kyla more than He loves Himself, because He died for her."

PHEW!!!!! Thank you AT&T for my phone-a-friend.

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