Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dog Cat

We have a CRACK HEAD dog. He's like a 50 or 60 pound "Pointer" mix. We 'rescued' him from the Humane Society. He's smart- as in, he'll sit.... and 'go to bed' (in his kennel in our house). Yep. He's an 'inside' dog. He chews everything! He barks if he gets left 'alone' tied outside on his runner. He Yelps. He Yaps. He knocks Leah's little 2 year old dainty body down if he gets excited. He eats A LOT!! Ugh! It's annoying!

We have a cross eyed Siamese cat. He's just plain ol' DUMB! He runs into the house everytime the door is cracked open.... and EVERY time he does this, we chase him out the OTHER door. One time (shame shame) I was so frustrated with that Darn Cat for having to chase him- while I was in the midst of rushing out the door with all 3 girls'... that I yanked him up and threw him out the door. (He, of course, landed on his feet and looked at me like "Ya, lady. What else you got?!")

If he gets freaked out, his tail starts swishing. Kyla now knows NOT to touch him while his tail swishes- and she had to learn the hard way. His claws met up with the side of her face and on top of her head the LAST time she tried holding him once he set off his 'tail warning'.

Leah- on the other hand- at 2- does NOT know the tail warning. He was laying down in front of our door (on the outside.... just waiting to scurry in once we opened it) while we were playing outside. Crack Head....er?... Schneider (the dog) was also outside. The cat was freaked out- Leah was petting him.... and BAM! Up he went into the air, claws out- and onto the side of her sweet little face. I hated that cat in that very moment- and it's a good thing for him I had to scoop Leah up and start up the pieroxide/triple antibiotic clean up on her face, or he'd have SEEN what else I had for him. I wanted to kick his cross eyed little head!

All this to say- although the cat and dog have their typical 'features' of house hold animals. The barking, chewing, scurrying, and moodiness... these animals are NOT your typical breed.

Our dog RUNS AWAY from our cat. In pure terror. Our cat!!!! He CHASES our dog... growling, hissing, and jumping up in the air AT and TOWARD the dog. It makes for a good laugh to the person that has not witnessed such backwardness.

But?! After about a month of hearing the dog bark his head off at our cross eyed cat, because The Cat is chasing The Dog all around our yard- I have to say- it gets pretty old.

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