Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Decisions. Decisions. What AM I doing?!?!

I'm going to homeschool.

Nope.  I'm not.  I'm putting my kids in public school.

Nah.  I'll home school.

Nuh-Uh.  No way Jose'.  We're NOT home schooling for atleast TWO YEARS.

What AM I DOING!?!??!?!?!

Oh geesh.  Golly-Jeepers-Oi'Vay.

Over here I blogged about how I felt certain that God showed me that I was- for sure- s'pose to home school for the upcoming (next) school year.  I mean? It was all so clear.  It was going to be possible to educate my daughters in a way that was going to work for ALL of us.  Ahhhh.  Big sigh.  What a relief....

And then.... over here.... I'm confused all over again.

And then, over the past week, I had a peace about sending my daughters to a public school (outside of our county) that just happens to also educate THREE of my daughters (first) cousins.  One of those cousins will be in the same grade as my (almost) 2nd grader.  They could be in the same class.... we could carpool... and help each other out with field trips... OH THE GLORy of it.   Eeeeeeee-NT!  No.   Nope.  TODAY I found out that the "out of county" tuition cost (per child) would be a mere $4279.35.

You know.  JUST a few hundred bucks short of NINE THOUSAND DOLLLARS!!!!!!

What am I going to do?!  



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