Friday, May 14, 2010

"The Enemy Draws Nigh"

Watch out people.

We have to stay on guard.  
We have to look to our left, and to our right, and we have to keep our defenses up.

None of us are safe.  We're all succeptable to the attack.

The enemy draws nigh.  He's closing in.  He's...... he's here.
The enemy is here.  He's wiping us out.  He's taking us down.

And he's using SEX to do it.

Sex.  Sex.  Sex. 

So?  It's no secret that the church we went to for 8 years is going through a major-big-time-huge scandal in regard to........ SEX.  

And not just a random fling affair.  The pastor.  Had sex. With more than one person.  More than one time.  And it was all really, really, really, REALLY bad.  

Bad.  Bad.  Bad.

Over the course of JUST a few months, the church has fallen apart.  (This was NOT a little church!)  NOT because these people had such a dependency on "the pastor" (there were some stragglers that likely did).  BUT?  In my super-humble opinion, it was because people were not sure they could TRUST one another.

The enemy took ONE man out- knowing it would cause a trickling down effect on hundreds more.

And this pastor?  He is just a man.  That's it. Just a man.  It was because he put himself on a pedastool of righteousness, though, that caused the fall of the "flock".  It created confusion among the congregation.  Gossip created MORE confusion.  The church was divided.  It is divided.  It's hurting, and so are those that are and/or were apart of it.

So sadly, the scandalousness of the male and female sex drive and the Enemy's use of it is not contained in just that church.  It's every where.  And Satan(the-big-fat-turd-head) is targeting ministry leaders.  "Amber," you may ask "How do you know this?"  I live in a small town, folks.  And all over my small section of North Georgia, I have heard over, and over, and OVER again about "indiscretions" among those that are IN ministry.

Marriages are falling apart.  Perhaps a few failed marriages have to do with "miscommunications", some may have to do with "money", but I would be more likely to believe that MOST have to do with SEX, or something related to it.  

I could be wrong.  I'm no professional.  I'm just calling it like I see it- and like I've experienced it.

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