Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big 'O Rock.

I've never been the materialistic type.  When Joshua and I got "engaged" (I was 19, he was 21) he couldn't afford to put a REAL diamond in the center of my gorgeous engagement ring.  We also couldn't afford to buy a "real" wedding band for either of us.

On our wedding (elopement) day, we went to a Christian book store and got my wedding band.  A silver, simple band, with the fish symbol all around it.  Before that- we were at an antique shop, and found his wedding band for $15 (sterling silver).   We were getting married because we loved each other, and were ready to commit to one another.  Not for a piece of metal or mineral.  We, both of us, were fine with it.

After being married (not quite) a year- he bought me a "real" wedding band.  I was more nervous than excited.  We didn't have money for that.  But?  It's what he wanted to do.  Something inside him couldn't stand for me to NOT have a real wedding band.  (It was a simple white-gold with diamonds around it.)

Through out the years, he has gifted me with some beautiful, meaningful jewelry.  A pearl necklace with matching earrings.  An 'amber' stone, and 'amber' earrings. (I had mentioned that I always wanted to own a 'real' piece of amber.  He obliged.)  And one of my very favorites- a sapphire and diamond ring.  He buys COOL jewelry.

Here and there he'd mention that he would like to buy me a 'real' diamond for my engagement ring. I would always casually respond "Why?  I love my ring!"

Several months ago- he couldn't take it anymore.  He went to a jeweler and picked out a ROCK.  Put a down payment on it, and insisted it was going to be mine.  He took me to have a look at my soon-to-be stone, asking me to admire it along side him under that little looking glass thing, and asking me if I thought it was "cool".  "Ya.  It's really pretty."

I have to be honest here- I did NOT want that diamond.  I didn't understand the point in it.

I forgot about it......  Until Mother's Day.  And on Mother's Day, I came downstairs (after getting to sleep in) to find a hand-made card, and a little wrapped package on our table.  Joshua had made the card from a Nashville Arts magazine we picked up during our 10 year anniversary trip to TN.

Inside the box- I found my engagement ring (long story- I hadn't been wearing my ring- it was in my jewelry box).  It looked a little (a LOT) different.  He snuck away and put a Big. Huge. ROCK in my ring.  I say huge- it's a little more than 1/2 a carat- but to me- THAT's a big rock.

He was more excited than I was to have that ring.  I put it on my finger and admired it, and he took it off my finger, "Let's go outside.  And look at it IN THE SUN!"

I wasn't as excited as he thought I should be, and I felt kinda crummy about it.  I'm too practical, and thought that it was too much for me to have.  Finally- after a bit of a discussion- he said "I wanted you to have it- so you'd know that you're valuable."  Cha-CHING!!!!!!!  That did it.  I fell in love with that rock.  Because it came attached to a beautiful sentiment.  He wanted me to know that I was valuable.

And THAT was valuable to me.


  1. What a great story! One of the sweetest I've ever heard.

  2. That is so sweet Amber. Very thoughtful!