Monday, September 21, 2009

Truth Be Told

It's amazing (INCREDIBLE) what a dishing out of TRUTH can do!

The TRUTH is- Satan is a butt-head.

The TRUTH is- Satan has REAL, for real intentions to totally DESTROY every persons life.

The TRUTH is- You (and I) are NOT being bypassed in Satan's intentions. Even if life seems to be going swell...... fine and dandy... super duper AWESOME, Satan has a plan, and that plan is to keep us bound. To keep us in a luke-warm state of living. Satans plan is to totally kill us dead.

The TRUTH is- With out Jesus, with out FULLy completely turning our life over to HIM, Satan will win the battle for our life.

Nope... I didn't say ' go to church, clap your hands... do a little dance and pretend like your super-christian'. I said- FULLY putting our life in HIS hands. Not sorta-kinda. Not saying a little 'Hey God, it's me... Margaret' here and there and going to a Sunday school class for your little 'fire insurance' certificate. I mean "Here's my life- ALL OF IT- take it. TAKE IT ALL... and do what YOU want with it- IT'S YOUR's LORD!"

The TRUTH is- WITH JESUS, we've got an entire ARMY fighting for us in that battle- and just by calling out HIS NAME. "JESUS!" The demons in HELL shutter and cower. Not any other name but the name of Jesus.

The Truth is that God has a plan for our life, too. Not to destroy us- but to prosper us. Not to create strife- but to bring peace. God's plan is way better. His WAYS are waaaaay better. The world has nothing to offer- NOTHING that compares to what THe KING has in store for us.

And here's a little more- this stuff- all I just wrote- I didn't write that for 'you' in- I'm not tryin' to preach a sermon or make anyone assume I'm some 'Awesomer-Than-Thou' person.

I wrote that as a REMINDER to me. Because I am so STUPID in my walk down Narrow Rd. that MOST OF THE TIME I find myself wandering toward 'Easy Street'.

I keep on trying to do it alone- Amber's Way- (with out even realizing it!)

I find myself using 'my ideas' or 'my desires' to guide me in this life- and inevitably, it leads me onto some crazy spirally road called Chaos Street (it's the one in between Easy St. and Narrow Rd)- and sooner or later, I realize that I'm dizzy, confused, and ready to barf my guts out-- to lay down and DIE just to escape the challenge of finding my way through the damage I've done.

I need constant reminders of how serious this life I'm living really is. It's not easy. It's not. But dang it- it's a whole lot easier WITH Jesus than it is with OUT Him. And I need to STOP being dumb- and realize that Amber's way is always-always- alllllll-waaaaaays going to suck.

"If you find yourself making big plans- STOP. Stop. Drop and Kneel. Stop- is this God? Drop- whatever you're doing- Kneel- and PRAY until you have a WORD."
(I have not a clue where that is from- it was hidden somewhere in my brain- I guess I must've read it somewhere)

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