Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm All Ears.....

I want to hear more.
I want to listen very close.
I want to retain it all.
I want to stay on guard, and keep watch.

God is telling me something.
He's speaking.
He's got so much to say!

I'm all ears, Lord! I Am ALL ears!
Tell me more.
Tell me, tell me, tell me!

And NEVER let me forget it.
Never let it go out of my brain.
Keep it all there.
In the very front!

I want to grow!
I want to be captivated
I want to be- NO!- I want to REMAIN in awe

I want to stand amazed
Forever and Ever

While here- on this Earth- I want to listen.
I want to keep my ears tuned to YOUR voice
I want to shut out the world's "wisdom"
and hear only YOUR truth
Becoming wise in YOUR ways, Father

Create in me a teachable spirit
Let me learn
Let me be wise
Let me be diligent
Let me be in constant search of more- more of You.

You have so much to tell me
and I am but a simple minded fool
Change my mind
Make it Yours

I am all ears, Lord
Tell me more!

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