Wednesday, September 30, 2009

History Review

Homeschool is PROVEN to breed super-brains. Well? Maybe not super-brains, but home educated children are TYPICALLY super-smart! Want proof???? Okie-Dokie!!!!

Today- at dinner- I was reviewing with Kyla, the history of Nomads.... turned to Farmers... on the Fertile Crescent- which inhabits the Nile, Euphraties, and the Tigris River.... as well as the region- Mesopotamia, and the city of Jericho. (this is important, so don't get bored)

So- I asked Kyla (age 6, 1st Grade)- "What is the name of the place where Nomads settled, and turned to farmers?" ...... her answer "The futile crescent?" "Good job! That's right. The Fer-TILE crescent."

"What are the rivers that are located on the fertile crescent?"
To which she replied "Mesopotamia?"

"Well......No... That is actually the region between the two rivers.... one of them is the Euphrates, and the other is......?"

and Zoe, (age 4, sorta-kinda doing the Pre-K thing) excitedly hollared "THE TIGER!!!"

"WHOA! High five Zoe. The Ti-GRiS, that's exactly right! YAY! Whoo Hoooo!"

Kyla- how is amazingly smart- has been studying this for a few days now. Zoe- also super smart- just sort of listened in during ONE of our sessions (which happened to be the names of the rivers)

Moving on..... I asked Kyla, "what was one of the things the farmers were afraid of, (now that they had food and animals)"


"Right! So what did they do to keep out robbers?"

"Built big walls"

"And was Jericho the first or the last city to build that wall"

"The first!"

"Yay! Awesome. You're so smart!!!"

(during our lesson, earlier this week- we got to incorporate a Bible lesson with in our regular school stuff- we learned how BIG and THICK the wall was, so I asked her if she remembered how thick the wall was?)

"The wall was 10 feet thick?!" YES!!!! Awesome.

And she went on to answer (correctly) why it was such a big deal that the Isrealites marched around the city of Jericho to break the wall ('cause God said to.) Did stomping around the wall make it fall down? (no!!! GOD made it fall) Why? (because they obeyed Him!!!)

THIS is when it really sinks in that home schooling my children is OH SO awesomely better than any other form of education.

WE've got an interested 4 year old listening in on HISTORY, and retaining what she hears.
We've got a 6 year old that truly desires to learn more and more and MORE about GOD- what He said- what He did- HOW He did it....

Today- this entry is an important reference to WHY it is that I'm traveling around in crazy-town in an effort to educate my girls'. Love me some Crazy Town today!!

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