Monday, September 21, 2009


I don't know- but maybe I need to create a new blog- one that is private, that nobody knows about. A blog about something that is getting stirred up in me.

A blog that can be used to bring God some mass-Glory when all the stirring that's going on turns into a reality. Something that is being written (typed) out- as 'things' start progressing, and when it's all accomplished, sharing what God has been- is- and will be doing will be a matter of a copy (the link) and paste (it all over the place).

Maybe I should be able to journal- but it's just not happening. My hands are programmed to type out my thoughts- it's easier to back space than it is to erase and rewrite when I've found that what I penned out isn't 'worded' the way I want it to be.

I hope to literally BRAG to the world that God is the biggest- the bestest, THE ONE TRUE GOD. I hope to make it clear to any person that has the ability to read that Jesus is the Way- The Truth- and The Life.

How easy is that to do these days? No more door to door witnessing. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, BLOGSPOT.... it's incredibly easy to share a whole lotta Awesome with the world.

God gave me a desire to 'write'. I enjoy it. It's easy for me to type and type and type and eventually end up with a story that actually makes sense. I'm not saying that I'm some Charles Dickens, or PAUL..... but I am an Amber Anderson- and God can use me if He so chooses to do so- to write, and share HIS power.

So? Maybe I should start a private blog. So I can have freedom in my writing. And with that freedom, I'll have less hesitancy to express that 'stirred' up-ness that is going on.


  1. You have permission to start a private blog...but only if you keep this one going! I looooove reading it!

    I have been pondering starting an "anonymous" blog. That way, I can say what I really feel, but no one would know it was me. Because there's some things in my life that I KNOW people need to read about...but its just too embarrassing/depressing, etc to post on my regular blog. Know what I mean?

    You truly do have a gift for writing. Whatever you do, continue to use it and people will be blessed. I know I am!

  2. Awwww! Erin! You're so sweet.

    I'll keep this one up for sure.

    And, YEP... I totally understand about being anonymous. We do, however, have to get to the point where we can be raw with out fear of judgement- I'll be sooo glad to get to that day!
    When I do- get raw... I'll post a brand new blog- and I'll call it my NAKED blog.

    Or maybe, should I ever write a book- I'll give it a title that simple reads "Women Need to Get Naked" (Men would buy that book for their wives- with out even reading what it's about. "Here ya go honey- I bought ya a book today. Heh heh heh" I think it'd be great for marketing purposes) ;-)