Friday, May 1, 2009

Strong-Will. Bright Future.

I first need to confess that today has been long. I've not had a great deal of sleep, and my 3 amazingly wonderfully beautifully sweet girls had a not so amazing day.

Kyla is learning how to be 5 instead of 20. Zoe is learning how to follow directions and pay attention. Leah is learning how tough it is to have big white bones stick through tender aching gums. Oh my goodness.... I'm wishing for a nice hot cup of Sleepy Time Tea with honey right this very second. It has been a day!!

We'll begin with Kyla, because quite frankly, she's where this whole "mommy" life started. This (45 days away from being a 6 year old) kid has a true compassion for people..... and animals and bugs, and everything on this planet! Seriously... rolly-poleys and caterpillars; they die, she cries!

She loves her sisters, and her cousins, and every friend she's ever known from the time she was born. Her little heart gets crushed if she feels like somebody doesn't like her, or if she's left out of a conversation, and so on, and so on. She truly wants people to love her as much as she loves them!

And here's where it gets tough for my first born;
Kyla has a natural need to teach and to lead. Oh! Not just her sisters, or her peers.... but people that are in her authority, people she doesn't know.... she even tells me what a t.v. character "should have" done instead of what they already did do.

I have tried to explain to her the role she has as an individual on this planet. "Right now, you are a daughter that has to obey her parents, and you are a big sister that needs to be a good example. You are a 5 year old that needs to be a sweet friend, and you are a kid that needs to play, and learn, and have fun, and not worry about what everyone else is doing or why they are doing it. You are not a mommy, and you are not a boss; Please quit telling everyone what to do."

She's so sweet about it!!! Truly, she says, "I'm sorry, Mommy. I forgot." Her expression says that she did forget, too. Most of the time she'll put her hand over her mouth and raise her eyebrows in the "I just said something really bad" kind of face. Poor baby girl. She really wants to control the urge to speak up! (I know how she feels.)

And I want to capture everything amazing about her strong personality and help her to become the person God designed her to be. That's huge, because God created Kyla for something beautiful and perfect, and He gave her this strong will that is currently making her parents nutty! But I'm so in love with the fact that God did give Kyla her will; because it makes it so much easier to live in a world of lies and deception when you question everything that anyone has ever said! Ever!

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