Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Early to bed, Early to rise

Why do I do this to myself??? WHY do I not go to bed, especially when I'm having to put forth a strong physical effort just to hold my eyelids open!! My eyebrow bone literally aches from the strain of staying awake. My body is telling me to sleep. And to do it NOW! But I'm a rebel and do nothing until I absolutely have to do it. Oh-So-Not-Good!

I've been the night-owl, stay awake until morning kind of girl for a double digit number of years. Way before marriage, children, or an endless to-do list I keep hanging on my refridgerator.
Why do I have such a hard time getting awake in the morning?? Seriously!?! The morning is when I start the good snooze. Waking up is torture after just a few hours of dream land.

Change. Change. Change. Change.

Once upon a time I set a goal to be in bed by 10pm and awake by 6am. I was succesfull for a week..... AN ENTIRE WEEK! Tommorow, I will start at day one. And maybe form a habit of being old... um... I mean.... being on time to sleepy town.

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