Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The idea of sticking my hands in dirt (the red dusty dry dirt) pretty much disturbs me. I don't mind soil (the black moist soft soil), but dirt is just, well..... it's just dirty!

This year we are planting a vegetable garden. Joshua tilled out an area and has already put a few plants in the ground, but when I try to prepare myself to get down to the garden and put in a few more plants, I just get the heeby-jee-bees. Yuck! Ewww! DIRT! The garden is not an inviting area for me. It's red. It's dry. It's ugly. My idea of an inviting garden area is not this.

So, I have a plan! I'm going to Home Depot and buying lots of bags of organic (soft, black, moist) soil. I'm going to have my own area to tend to with the girls; and my area is absolutely positively NOT going to have DIRT in it. It will have soil. It will be pretty. It will be inviting. And it will give us lots and lots of tomatoes, strawberry's and sweet potatos. (Because that's all the room I'll have in my little garden space.)

Several months ago I decided to begin composting. It first consisted of a nice little 4x2 "cage" with an open top and it was far enough away from the house that the gnats and smell didn't bother me. Pretty much all I knew to do was toss old fruits and veggies, coffee grounds, and those type of things in it, and then just let it sort of sit there and rot. Um. I forgot about the worms. So, (ugh) slowly I've added the "left over" worms from Joshua's fishing trips, and I'm hoping they reproduce often. I honestly can't say that I have a clue as to what to do next, though. Do I just wait 10 years for all that rubbish to turn into soil? Google will have to be my Composting Mentor.

I'll be excited to update this blog and maybe even post pictures of our perfectly producing pretty garden. Oh. And of Joshua's dirty garden, too.

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