Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Necessary Evils

Hello. My name is Amber (aka Mommy).....and I'm an addict.

An alcoholic would be encouraged to never EVER take another drink of alcohol. They would be instructed to stay away from bars, and to avoid functions that might serve alcohol. And this is feasable, and completely understandable as a rule. It certainly does only take one drink to create a binge that will lead to a drunken mess for those in recovery from alcohol addiction.

Likewise for the drug addict. Discard friends that might tempt you with the (fill-in-the-blank) drug of choice. Eliminate triggers that typically may bring on a relapse, and throw away all paraphanelia associated with (whichever-type-of) drug use. Be sure to let your "dealer" know that you are finished taking those drugs, and get rid of that dealers contact information. Find a friend or mentor that you can call when you find yourself tempted to "use" again, and stay focused on your recovery through group meetings or therapy.

That being said, I have one question for the 12 Step program creators.... What, pray tell, should a FOOD ADDICT do to "stay on the wagon" in recovery from their addiction? We certainly cannot avoid grocery stores, restraunts, or the dinner table! There is a drive-thru at every corner, and atleat 10 convenient stores with in a 5 mile radius that will be more than willing to sell "us addicts" a box of donuts, or a bag of cookies. Our bodies absolutely positively must eat in order to function. We need nourishment in order to survive!

Most of us that struggle with being overweight have (in my google-educated-theory) one of two ailments.

A.) a health related situation that causes weight gain or the inability to properly lose weight. (such as an under active thryoid; treatable with medication.... hence eliminating the weight problem)


B.) an addiction to food

So, let's say that the "Food Addict" must eat only whole foods; nothing fried, dyed, preserved or altered. Only fresh fruits, fresh or lightly cooked veggies, whole grains, raw nuts, no sugar or dairy, or even (GASP) red meat! Let's say that THIS is the recovery process. Let's say that eating with this lifestyle will assure us that our weight will drop and our energy levels will soar. Let's say that this whole foods (vegan-ish) approach to eating will leave us (not only) properly nourished, but extraordinarily flourished.

(as a side note: I completely agree to this approach and through studying healthy eating and food related health issues, I have to say that most definitely a person will be able to live a fully nourished, protein and calcium enriched life, even though dairy and red meat have been eliminated from their diet.) However!!!!

We're back to the same question. How do we avoid the temptation of the processed, greasy, sugary yummy msg filled junk foods that call out to us at every grocery shopping venture, gas fill-up, and social function?

As much as I've educated myself through various (respectable) books, and personal research using the internet and individual wellness speakers, I still do not know how to maintain a self control that will enable me to "stay on the wagon" where my food addiction is concerned.

I know, for example, that phenylalanine (http://www.sweetpoison.com/phenylalanine.html) is absolutely equal to poison. So, why!!! do I still order Diet Coke if I crave carbonation? Why!?!? I may as well say "Um, and I'd also like to get a medium Diet Aresenic, please, oh, and extra ice, too." I do it anyway. I was "off" the Diet Coke wagon for years, but through an availability at weekly social functions, I slowly began introducing it back into my diet, and here I am again.... craving the bubbly aspartame over ice with each grease filled meal.

So, it is a matter of self control and will! And since I am lacking in that department, I am "not" lacking on the scale. As a matter of fact... I'm well over my limit; to be quite honest and exact, I am to the digit 50 pounds OVER weight. I am concidered... (NOOOOO!!!!!!!) Obese.

This moves me to the blog I will post at a later date: "Double Standards"


  1. Oh Amber. I also am plagued by the evil addiction to food. It didn't always bother me, but lately I've been convicted about it. I'm convinced its one of Satan's strongholds that he's using to steal my glory. So I've been praying for God to break the chains of my addiction. It hasn't happened yet. But I'm believing for it, so I know I'll get there soon. And so will you. Hang in there!

    PS- I think you look amazing for an "obese" person! :)

  2. Thanks, Erin. I agree completely! I'm learning about strongholds and it's so true...I don't care so much about "how I look", but it's how I feel that bothers me. I'm uncomfortable- and it makes me discontent to feel so akward. But, you know- I am pretty shocked that I'm concidered obese. I never thought of myself as the "really big girl". Just kind of the "not so small girl". It won't take more than 20 pounds to get me at "comfortable", and even then, I'll still be concidered overweight.