Monday, April 27, 2009

Living the Life

Zoe. She's living in Zoe World most of the time. It's her little curly headed bouncy place that only she visits; because we haven't figured out how to get there, yet. She bounces from one activity to the other, and conversates in spurts of random thoughts that she has in her cute little head. She makes everyone that she has ever met laugh; just by being HERSELF! And she innocently ask us, "Hey. Why are you laughing? What's funny?"

Because her thoughts fly around, she is often in trouble for disobeying. We have to be careful, though, because we're pretty sure that most of the time, she has just forgotten to obey. But she is so forgiving, and quick to recover from any discipline she receives. She can literally tumble down the stairs and announce "I'm ok! I'm ok!" as she's bouncing back to her feet and running off to who-knows-where.

And she's establishing a sweet compassion that I adore. I love my little bouncy ball of LIFE. She amazes me.

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