Monday, April 20, 2009

Homophones.... homophones

Yes. I have been a blog snob.
Basically, since I've discovered the beauty of Microsoft Office, I've been keeping all of my blogs to myself. Some are just personal, and I don't like the idea of some random stranger reading all about me (unless I'm getting paid for it!). But mostly, I keep forgetting to log on and blog.

On one of the Veggietales Dvd's (um? You know Veggitales, right?) there is a "Silly Song". It starts out like this: Whether, weather, whether, weather, whether you like it or not.... whether weather whether weather, Weather is Cold Warm and Hot.... and it goes on to sing a song about Homophones. It's cute in one of those "John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmit" sort of ways. I get the song in my head every time the "weather" here in Georgia gets random and unpredictable. The song is in my head OFTEN!

It goes on to sing about pronouns, adjectives, etc. Kyla absorbs information through the T.V. She sees a show about Mahi Mahi's, and then she is "teaching" me all about the Mahi Mahi. (I just knew it was a menu item) She watches veggietales, and she knows what a homophone is, she watches a movie about Owls, and she explains to her Daddy that owls don't actually make their own nest- they take over the nest of other birds. Her brain is amazing!

During the last 2 months of homeschooling, I realized that I'm going to need a whole lot of "sing-songy-fun-silly, watch it on TV" resources for teaching my precious Kyla. She is super smart, but easily distracted. School-time is "not fun". It is "boring". I am the "evil step-mother".

This "evil step-mother" is ready for next year's curriculum. We'll just call kindergarten our practice round.

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