Thursday, February 5, 2009

Again With The Flake

I have to be honest. It's tough to think of a bunch of "thanks" right now. I'm sitting in a house that is crazy-messy, and looked out the back door and realized some critter tore up our trash. The slew of trash coupled with the random mess the backyard aquires with each out door play time is making me tremble. I can't stand a trashy yard. It's about 12 degrees outside right now, and I feel on edge. I cannot just leave the mess! I have to clean it.
And the conversation with myself begins.

-It's soo cold, I'll just wait til it warms up-
-Ya, but it looks terrible! I have to atleast pick up the trash before it blows all over the place -
-I know! But it's cold. You'll FREEZE! -
-I won't be able to relax thinking our back yard looks like "Crack Head John's" yard.
Suck it up. I won't get frost bite. -

Yes. I was talking to myself. And answering. Not good.

I know. I'm a total flake. It's ridiculous! Here are my thanks.

*Hilarious Zoe. Her faces, her comments. I need to attach a tape recorder to her body and journal all the crazy things that girl says. I could write a book and get rich.

*Birthday Wishes and the Guy that Granted Them. Joshua. He totally rocks. I'm still in shock that he made my day so awesome. I'll have to post a separate blog on how amazing my day was.

*Nap Time. Hallelujua! Thank Ya JESUS! I need my kids to nap, and I love it that Leah is still a Twice a Day napper. PHEW!

*Weight Loss. I have no right to be losing weight right now. It's not much. Just a few pounds, but the fact that I'm losing it and not working at it is awesome. I'm eating what I want, when I want and not busting my tail at the gym. I hope the 10 pounds that I "should have" gained doesn't sneak up on me. I'm watching out, now.

*Did I mention NAP TIME.??? It deserves a double thanks. ahhhhhh.

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