Friday, January 30, 2009

Marriage in the Now

It has been an incredible 6 days. On Saturday, January 24, 2009 Joshua and I attended a Dr. Gary Chapman marriage seminar. It's a one day 9-3 thing that goes through and touches on some important marriage issues. Biggies- Communication and Sex among other important issues.

Joshua has been THE MAN! He has been so freaking amazing. I mean, consistently amazing. I, on the other hand, have sucked. I've been moody and stressed, and anxious, and stressed and stressed. And I'm an outward sorta, girl. If I'm stressed, it's all out. He's been understanding and patient. Loving. UNDERSTANDING!!! He's rubbed my back during an almost panic attack, and he's done the dishes and cooked dinner when I was just too exhausted to peel my butt of the couch.

I'm praying that we can begin reading the book we bought at the seminar, and start using more of what we learned that afternoon. Joshua got it. I mean- he totally got it. I want to get it better and have both of us KEEP IT.

Thank You JESUS for working this miracle. I'm so humbled, and amazed that YOU thought so much of us that You would work this out in the way it has worked.

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