Thursday, January 22, 2009

it's those little things: Joshua

This morning, before Joshua left for work, he hugged me, and said "Thanks, honey, for all you do. Thanks for taking care of our house and taking care of our kids." Sweet!

Joshua is the master fire-builder. Today, the wood that he put in the fire place early this morning, slowly burned through out the day, keeping our house warm and cozy. No wood needed to be added to the fire place until Joshua came home this evening (around 5:30)

He caught understood my frazzled state, and not only reminded me that I wanted to go to the tanning bed, he also put all 3 girls to bed by himself.

I love it when he remembers! This afternoon, I asked him to bring one of his dad's trucks home so that he could haul of a few unwanted items out of our yard. He didn't ask me for any help when he came home, (though I'd have been glad to do help), he just loaded everything we had talked about hauling off into the truck. On top of that, he also communicated to me that it was taken care of. I didn't have to give it a second thought!

Before going to bed, Joshua gave me a kiss good-night, and didn't even harass me about staying up later than him (again).

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