Thursday, January 22, 2009

it's those little things

I saw this thing on this show about keeping a Journal of Thanks. And the author suggest that a person keep a journal, and through out the day, they MUST find 5 things with in that particular day to be thankful for. For example, you can't say "I'm thankful I have a house, a job, blah blah blah". It's about being thankful and pointing out the positive aspects of each day.

And, so... here I am. I have to log on to this blogger thing daily and name my 5 thanks for the day, but I added an extra bonus to this task, and I also have to name 5 reasons I am thankful for my husband each day. Here we go:

My day:
Leah helped me take the laundry out of the dryer and put it in the laundry basked. It was sweet, and adorable. She would pick up a sock, look at me, and then put it in the laundry basket, look back at me, and find something else to pick up. Once all the clothes were in the basket, she started pulling them OUT of the basket. Just one little piece at a time. I'm so thankful for the time I had to sit back and enjoy my 15 month old baby girl.

* On our white end table, to the left, there is a small black and white photo of Kyla at age 3 and Zoe age 1 framed in a square, cherry finished 8x8 frame, aside the frame, slightly centered on the table is a few long pieces of fresh eucalyptis in a slender vase that looks like a wine carafe, and on the right side of that is a tall, silver finished lamp with a bright satin white lamp shade. The table sits in front of a window that is treated with white wooden blinds and a plain white cotton tabbed curtain. The window sits on a smokey sort of charcoil blue wall, and it is framed with a bright white painted trim. For some reason, that table just looks so beautiful to me. Like it's a piece of art or something. I love it! I'm thankful that the Krogar floral department had that eucalyptis on sale for $2. Everything else on that table- we had already.

*On our kitchen table, in the center, there is a basket full of white napkins. Beside that basket, a large solid red cup, and in that cup, a bouquet of yellow and orange flowers. I am thankful that we have a big table to sit at when we eat dinner together as a family, and that today, that table looks so comfortable.

*After dinner this evening, Kyla began complaining. She continued to whine and complain when prompted to clean her mess from the table, saying that it wasn't fair that she had "chores" to do. (Cleaning her mess is a chore?) As a sort of reminder that she actually didn't have much to do, we told her she needed to clean up by herself. She walked away, sort of pouting, and started to look for the broom. Zoe followed Kyla and said "What's the matter, Kyla? Why are you sad?" Kyla responded with a grumpy "I have to clean the house", and Zoe said in a super cheery voice "Oh, OK, I - will - help - you- CLEAN -then!!!". I am so thankful that Zoe has a sweet love for her sister. It is actually often that Zoe is concerned for Kyla. Kyla refused Zoe's offer at first, because she thought she had to clean by herself, but we explained to Kyla that it was so sweet for her sister to want to help her, and that it would be perfectly fine. RIGHT after that, Kyla's demeanor changed. She was chipper, and thankful, and polite. I'm thankful that Kyla was able to see the importance of THANKS.

*The day was certainly long, and since I've been trying to get our house organized for the past few months, today was no exception. Actually, today was more of a "job" because I had to incorporate lots of cleaning to that organizing, since we'll be hosting our small group Bible Study this Sunday. All that to say- I was just ready for a break! I found a tanning salon close by that stayed open until 9:30pm, so I went for a 15 minute sunshine break, and it was awesome. I had my MP3 queued to some great worship music, and just soaked up some peace. I'm thankful for 15 minutes!

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