Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kyla is making me crazy with her unwillingness to be respectful. She is me. I am learning what changes I need to make through her. Kyla has an extremely compassionate personality, and her ability to empathize with a person whether it's a tv character or her baby sister is beautiful. But her ability to obey, and her ability to show respect are in need of a makeover.

Talk about being blown away! She is reading so well now. After only 100 days of school, she has surpassed her kindergarten reading program. She reads everything! I'm amazed at how smart and eager to learn she is.

Kyla questions everything and everyone.... and as a parent that expects obedience, it gets difficult, but at the same time, as a parent that wants the best for her daughter; it makes me feel a bit relieved knowing that in her adult life she'll not allow anyone to walk all over her.

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