Thursday, May 7, 2009

YMCA.... take me away!!!

I am oh so very thankful for The YMCA. It is my escape and my haven!! You're asking me why?! Well, it's certainly not because I'm some excercise freak in search of the next adrenaline rush. The YMCA has this beautiful thing called "Child Watch". I get 2 hours of peace per day (if I can break away from the chaos to get there). 2 hours! Do you know that 2 hours in 'mommy time' is equivalent to like an entire afternoon for those that don't answer to the name "Mommy" in their day to day?

And in the evening, on Tuesday and Thursday, I get to enjoy my time at the Y with out even having to WORRY about signing my children in, because my understanding husband allows me to leave our home and escape to the serenity of a grown up world. I interact with real live, coherent, entertaining GROWN UPS! I work out, I chit chat if I happen to see a friend, I grab a cup of coffee, swim..... whatever.

And tonight I am going to participate in what I will call my "Calgon". My swimsuit is ready, I have my towel packed and my legs are shaved. Tonight I am going to get swept into the world of 'Chill' as I soak my aching muscles in the Hot Tub. I am going to read a book, NO.... I am going to read a MAGAZINE! Something stupid and pointless; like People or US Weekly. THEN... ohhhhhhh.... I am going to grab my Mp3 player (the one that will be updated with newly downloaded favorites) and I will lay down in the Sauna and I will close my eyes and I will rest. REST!!!!!!!!

As I type this, I have an 18 month old wandering around the kitchen emptying cereal boxes and pulling out tupperware, periodically screaming in a bit of a tantrum because she is teething and discontent. Previously, my 3 year old climbed onto the counters and spilled an almost full cup of coffee, the same cup that I was too busy to drink this morning, and that I desperately need right now. This curly headed 3 year old of mine, as cute and funny, and sweet as she is, has also refused to clean up said coffee mess, and has been on an 'I'll disobey my mommy every chance I get' streak for several days. These 'days' of disobedience are the equivalent of WEEKS for those in this world that do not make up cute titles, like "Home Maintenance Technician", when asked what they do for a living.

This will be the first time I go with out the intent of working out. It will also be the first time I am determined to take advantage of the Hot Tub despite how many soakers are in it, and sitting in the Sauna, even if there is an akwardness because some guy is sitting in there half naked showing off his steroid-made muscles.

I have it all figured out; And to top it off.... to make it an even more RELAXED evening, I'm also going to visit the local "fake-n-bake salon" for some sun-shine therapy.

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