Friday, May 22, 2009

Talking Asses and Red Birds

Speaking of talking donkeys....

Do you know how many times I just expected this red cardinal that keeps bopping around my yard to fly over to my shoulder and say

"What are you looking at me for? I'm just a stinkin bird. I don't have any answers for you. Where's your bible? You idiot.... geez? Sitting around wondering what the relevenace of a red bird hanging out in your yard is, and how that would pertain to you in your walk with the Lord!! I mean, seriously!? I'm just looking for bugs, lady! I ain't got no revelation for you. But that book with with RED letters in it... it can HOOk.You.UP with the answers! Now stop staring at me. I'm trying to eat."

I know. It's random, right?. But somebody mentioned the talking donkey. Oh? You don't know what talking ass I'm referring to? Grab your Bible. Got it? Ok... now READ it. It's in there somewhere. Look it up.


  1. I know the story. But I've always wondered. Is that where the idea of "Donkey" came from in the Shrek movies?

  2. I've never thought of that Erin! Good question.