Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm so Rich

As I'm tightening Kyla's adjustable waist band on her pants, I say "Oh, Kyla! You're just so skinny- these pants are falling off your body." And she says in a sort of discouraged voice as she shakes her head, "I know, I know. I just wish that one day I could be rich like you."

This is random, right in line with how she communicates, so it wasn't a surprise. So, I continued the conversation, and here's the rest of it:

aka: "Hmmm. Why do you think I'm rich?"
Kyla: "Well, you know, you're just rich! If I was rich like you, my pants wouldn't be falling off."
aka: "Being rich won't make your pants stay up. Your pants are falling down because your body is so small."
Kyla: "Well, if being rich meant that you were fat it would. If I was rich like you, my pants would stay up."
aka: "Ohhhhhh!!!! Well, you don't actually want to be fat, you want to be sure that you're healthy. And baby girl, even though you're skinny, you are a really healthy skinny, so that's ok! "

I love how clever she is! I love that she chose the word "rich", because "rich" to her means that somebody has a lot of something.... or maybe it means that they have more of that something than her? Either way, it was amusing. What's more amusing??? That she also chose to use "rich" instead of "fat" because "fat" is the "F" word in our house. (more on that later)

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