Monday, May 4, 2009

My 3 Personal Trainers

We were having a typical chaotic morning;

*Breakfast.... always messy and time consuming.
*Home School.... "pay attention" is a phrase Kyla hears 20 times a session
*Leah's morning routine, which is nutty for me in itself
*Getting all of us dressed, "Zoe! I see your hiney... all pink and shiney...... put your clothes on!!!"

We were late getting out the door. Surprise. Surprise. It would be 12:30 before we actually get to the gym! Childwatch closes at 1:00, so this means I only get 30 minutes to work out. Typically, we would have just skipped it. BUT! I am determined to keep my routine this week, so off we went!

I decided that after my 30 minutes on the 'floor', I'd take the girls into the gymnasium (which is like HUGE) and we'd throw around some basketballs, play a little soccer, and just goof off. There was a chance that Leah would not be happy running around a massive floor plan chasing a ball; but I didn't count on it.

First, we started off 'learning' how to dribble. Kyla didn't believe me when I told her to dribble with her finger tips instead of the palm of her hand until I showed her that I could "dribble with just one finger". She thought that was COOL! So we tossed the ball back and forth and got a little comfortable with catching it and bouncing it. I impressed her when I actually got the ball into the net (ahem... after about 3 or 4 failed attempts). And Zoe just rolled around on her basketball and the floor in her happy little Zoe world.

Leah had the soccer ball, and her fun consisted of throwing the ball and following it as it rolled away from her, and then picking it up, throwing it again, and following it as it rolled away. It was like 18 month old heaven! Nobody bothered her. It was just Leah, a ball, and a gazillion square feet of toddling room.

After Kyla's basketball "session", it was Zoe's turn and she just totally didn't get it. However, she thought it was awesome that we were tossing and bouncing the ball together, so we called it basketball anyway. Kyla traded her basketball for the soccer ball, and Leah was happy to share! Her facial expression said "Oh! A new kind of ball. Whoo-Hoo, thanks!!"

Kyla and I played soccer around the gym (THIS is where the Cardio came in.... ). One wall was her net, and the other wall was my net. She is a natural athlete, and will be an amazing soccer player! She held her own, and did a great job keeping the ball in her space, and STEALING it from me! Kyla ended up sticking with soccer, Zoe kept her basketball, and Leah... throw, follow, pick up... repeat! So I went back and forth between Kyla and Zoe's "ball game" for a pretty long time.

I enjoyed playing basketball again, even if a 5 year old and a 3 year old were my "competitors". I never played for a team, but recreationally have always enjoyed it! (But I'm no good!). Kyla chased me around the gym trying to steal the basketball away as I dribbled around her and the court. She couldn't get the ball away from me, so she thought she'd be slick and toss the soccer ball into my b-ball, and knock it out of my dribble. It worked and she was like "Ha! Ha!!!".

After a few attempts at volleyball (a net was set up on the other side of the gym), we decided to move onto something new. SO! We went to the aerobics room and layed out a few mats. Together (while Leah tried to find something to get in to) we did a few abdominal excercises, and Kyla and Zoe did a few pushups (pilates style off of one of the big balls) and we stretched, and practiced balance on the Bosu. When we were finishing up Kyla said, "Ok! Now it's time for Yoga, Mommy. Yoga is soooo easy, and it's really fun!!!". I'm not sure why she is interested in Yoga, because she's never participated in it, but she loves the idea of it.

Our day was awesome! I had a blast playing with my girls, and got in an amazing cardio session! Now, that's what I call multi-tasking!!! We are absolutely doing it again this week!

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