Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I've been sick.
For like.... EVER.

I get better and then I'm not better. And it's annoying.  And I'm annoyed.  Because I wanna scream "WOULD'YA MAKE UP YOUR  MIND ALREADY!!!" to my body.  But my body won't answer me.

And we're totally poor and can't afford to see a doctor.
Well? I could afford to see a doc if I didn't need extensive testing done- which I do. Cause all the junk that's happening is ODD and apparently I need to get my spit analyzed and my blood and my pee, and EVERYthing.

Today I've been laying around.  Same way I was laying around last month.  And the month before that. And blah blah.  It's like a mean trick.  I think I've averaged 2 weeks out of 4 weeks feeling healthy.

For MONTHS now.

I'm ready to either freakin' DIE or get better.


But I'm not bitter about it or anything.

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