Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Discovery

My husband left his Facebook open.

I have to admit that my curiosity gets the best of me when he does this.  I can't help but to dig into his News Feed and do a bit of  "people watching" via Social Media.  

This chick friend he has posted a link to a website about "writing" and I was like "oh-my-gosh" that's so cool- I gotta check that out.

And I did. And I'm excited.  Because I found THIS GUY!!!!
(in case you're not a link clicker- check out his site at

He's awesome.  He's talented.  He's SO-IN-MY-HEAD and I don't even know him.

This tells me something I thought I already knew.

Writer's (or so I'd like to think I will be one day)- have a certain drive that cannot be put into neutral.

We. Must. Write.
As he short-and-sweet put it on one of his post, it's not out of obligation that we write, it's out of need.

I feel like this discovery was a total God-Send.  It's like God was pointing me in a purposeful direction to find this writer-dude so that I could realize that "It's Not Just Me".


This dude is not just a writer; he's a marketer. He's a dreamer. He's a creator.  He's.... Well?
Read his "about me".

I'm frazzled.  I'm elated.  I'm..... what? I don't know.  SOMETHING.

He's written book reviews. And has opinions that he's not afraid to share. And he uses his talents and his abilities to Do-What-He-Loves-To-Do.

I seem like a crazed pop culture stalker, but I'm not.  (Really.)

I'm just a little bit freaking out.  I have zero near the talent this dude seems to have.  I don't know how he got started, but I do know that accidents and coincidence are merely words in a dictionary and do not apply to this life that I am living.  God uses all sorts of creative methods to speak to us, and He just totally blew me away by speaking to me through Jeff Goins. (whoever he is).

I don't have to hone in on JUST ONE interest or passion.  I have many passions:

Marketing. (love it!) Writing (need it!) Music (thank GOD for it)

I don't know where I'm going from here.  I just know that God just put down another smooth-stepping-stone in my path for me to stand on.

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