Monday, February 14, 2011


I can't help but prefer a little bit of sappy with my music lately.  Extreme-More Than Words- kind-of-sappy.
Ok.  So typically, sappy-ness annoys me.  I think I'm less romantical than your average woman.  I don't get woo'd by the standard stuff.  I like real-ness.  I like open-ness.  I can usually see straight through CRAP, and most of the time- sappy-ness is crap.  Most of the time.  Not all the time.  Sometimes it's sweet.

That band, Maroon 5.

Great artists'.  But.... good golly, oh-so-sappy.  I gotta admit- I wouldn't know who this band was if a friend hadn't said something about them being "awesome".  I Youtube'd like I always do when I don't know who somebody is.

 Not a Maroon 5 fan.... just putting it out there.  Can't get past the lyrics.

I think it might also be cause the lead singer looks like wife-beater or something?
 IT's mainly 'cause the lyrics are TORTUROUS, though.  I'm wondering if dude may only be able to sing about his tormented heart.   If I could-  I would like to say to the guy "GET OVER IT MAROON 5.  Put your heart back together and sing about 'not-sad-stuff'.


Same Maroon 5 *fan* friend did a Facebook post about Bruno Mars. I Youtube'd him, too- cause I HAD NO CLUE who this dude was.

And I can't decide if I totally like him because I'm into Sappy-ness lately- or if it's cause I like him.

I don't know what popular song he does "now" - but the one I found that made me listen TWICE was this one:

Oh sooooo SAPPY!!!!!  

But I like it.  A LOT.  It's a serious chick song.

The End

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