Saturday, February 5, 2011

Little of This- Little of That

Little of this-little of that

(from 11-12-08)
Random insomnia. 
No clue how to cure it; because it's not typical.
Once I get to bed, I'm a sound sleeper.  I sleep great, actually.

Problem is: I can't go to bed.

Oh, I'm certainly tired.  Exhausted, even.  Can barely hold my eyes open. 
Sometimes, I'm so tired that my eyebrows actually ache! Seriously.....That tired.

I always have one more chore to do,
One more dish to load,  or dryer to empty, shirt to hang, crumb to sweep....
One more walk around the house to ensure all of the heaters are safely away from curtains or toys, and that all the doors are locked and .......

More nights than not, I greet my husband in our sanctuary of snooze hours after he's gone to snore-town.

And more nights than not, I'm lucky to get 4 or 5 hours of wondrous sleep.  

Then, my reverse insomnia comes into play.
 I hate and despise REALLY don't like my alarm clock.  Waking up in the morning is my least favorite activity, even if on the rare occasion I get a full 8 or 9 hours of snoozin.

 I  prolong the morning routine with several pounds on the 9 minute button until finally I convince myself that it's not possible to get our children clothed, fed, and out the door in only 30 minutes.

I crawl out of bed, walk downstairs with a baby on my hip, a toddler in one hand, and a little girl chattering like one of those little white bouncy puppies you always see in the toy store.  You know.  The ones that do flips and yap yap yap in their high pitched yappy voices.  So cute, so sweet, but sometimes, the off button needs to be pressed.

And I find oatmeal or cheerios or some sort of 3 minute breakfast food that I know will sustain them until lunch time, and I somehow manage to get it in a bowl and on the table, with orange juice even.
And then....
My coffee.  In my cup. Complete with real deal half and half.  

I take a few sips and work my way around our house trying to get back packs and diaper bags organized, and water bottles and snacks bagged.  All the while saying "no, we don't play with our food.. watch your cup, you don't want to spill it.  hey now! quit hitting your sister.   ... the cheerios don't go on the floor, you need to eat them." 

I take a few more sips of cold-ish coffee and retire the half full cup to the sink, thinking "ah, man! i really wanted to drink all of that"

Then off we go.  
And home we come.  
And my evening starts all over again until it's 1:30 in the A.M and I'm convincing myself to post this pointless blog because I can't possibly get any less than 4 hours of sleep if I want to function at all tomorrow.

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