Friday, February 25, 2011

Handy Man, Honey Do

I stumbled upon a revelation as I was fuming about the ever-growing honey-do list, and the lack of time, energy, finances, and initiative that is needed to slim down that list.

To be perfectly honest, I was trying to figure out a way to NAG  talk to my husband about how imperative it was that the things on that list get taken care of (sooner rather than later, Mister!).  

I'm an analyzer and word-picture-painter.  I think about how I'm going to present my side of the argument before there's even an argument.  So, I started "painting" before I planned my attack called him.

I was sure this was going to be the thing that helped my husband see just how important his role as our handy-man was... the way I saw it- it was so right on- we'd have that list cut in half by the weekend.

This is what I had planned on saying to him:

"If it's broken, having a bunch of tools isn't going to be enough to fix it.

First- we gotta make sure we have THE RIGHT tools.
Secondly- we gotta KNOW HOW to use the tools.
Finally- we gotta take the INITIATIVE to use the tools.

So? Since I don't know what tools to use, or how to use them, 
I need YOU to be the one to fix what's broken!"

And then God was like "You're right,  Amber....." 

And He sure wasn't referring to the honey-do list or my oh-so-clever way of trying to convince my husband to be our handy-man.  

He was referring to how BROKEN I am, and how I have GOT to let Him be my handy-man since HE is the one that knows exactly where I'm broken and how to fix me.

He used my prideful high-and-mighty attitude to speak something profound into me. 

I don't deserve His goodness.  
I still cannot understand why He chooses to talk to me.  
But good-golly, I'm so glad He does.

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