Monday, March 8, 2010

Where are you?

What's your struggle?  What are your deepest, "Only God Knows" struggles?
Are you hurting?  Are you suffering?  Are you bound?
Does your sin have triple knots tied to your hope- keeping you from moving forward?
Here's a reality check:  Satan has been using solitude as a way to keep us trapped in our pits.

Did you read that last line?

Satan has been using SOLITUDE as a way to keep us trapped in our pits:

A pit of... self-pity?
Feel sorry for yourself but don't let anyone know about it, mmm-kay?. Dig deeper into a depression that you blindly try to crawl out of....  and don't let anyone 'in' on the fact that you're stuck.

A pit of.... anger?
Be mad at the world and every person that has EVER hurt you- but put on that happy face anyway- and pretend like you're full of joy-joy-joy-JOY!  Don't talk about it- whatever you do.  Ok?  cause you don't wanna make other people uncomfortable or anything.

Are you in a pit of.... addiction? 
 For sure you have to keep that to yourself, then!!!!.  Is it drugs?  Alcohol?  Pornography?  Sex?  Food?  Smoking?   Definitely don't let ANYONE know about it.  They'll judge you.  They'll think you are a hypocrite.  They'll HATE you.  Struggle alone.  It's best for everyone if you keep it to yourself!

Are you in a pit of..... a bad marriage?
Act like your marriage is perfect.  Christians are suppose to have great marriages.

Are you in a pit of.....debt?
Shhhh!!!!  You're not allowed to be a slave to the lender.  It's in the Bible ya know?  SHHH!!!!!  For goodness sake keep it to yourself that you're about to lose your car, your house, and you have no idea how you'll pay for next months credit card bill(s).   Hush-up!

Are you in a pit of... Hopelessness?  Faithlessness?
Well- then- YOU ARE most definitely NOT a Christian. Christians stand on HOPE, and Faith.. and LOVE!!!  If you're hopeless you better not tell your friends about it.  They'll think you aren't saved.  And that you don't really believe in Jesus.  And if you're running low on Faith- you may as well hang your hat on the 'Goin to Hell' rack.  You gotta have faith (a-faith a-faith ah)

Good GRIEF (says Charlie Brown).  How frustrating is it to realize that most Christians do NOT grab themselves a friend, or two and keep these close by.... being REAL with their struggles and REAL about their issues. ( cause A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. Ecc 4:12

I'm here- blogging my STUFF- because there is nothing harsher than feeling like YOU are alone in your struggles.  I have no fear of judgement from anyone else. Nobody else's opinion on my hardship is important to me.  I love advice. I even love constructive-critisism. (no kidding).  But I have no concern that anyone else is going to think LESS of me because I'm struggling.

The reality-check is that we are NOT alone.  We are NOT the only Christians dealing with worldly  -temptations.

Do you know how many men suffer with a sexual-sin.  Maybe they've had an affair or they are bound to pornogrophy and shame is ripping them apart?  Fear keeps them from confessing.  And Satan gets a fun little play-ground.  What good does this do?  Confess it.  Get it over with.  You'll find that you feel lighter- and more than likely, your friend is gonna tell you that he (in some form or another) has battled with sexual sin.  You may even score some wise counsel as to how to get OUT of your chains.    If your friend has NEVER sturggled in that department- he is either lying (or he's one of the RARE few!)  It's gonna be harder the second go-round, but go to somebody else for insight if friend #1 doesn't understand.  People hide their issues way to well- but all of us have them.  It just means you're not the only one.    Satans' tryin' to keep you alone.  Don't let him!!

Do you know how many women struggle with depression?!?  Maybe they feel hopeless.  They're too ashamed to get help, and their struggle  pulls them away from their family and their friends.  And Satan gets a fun little play-ground.  What's the point of STAYING alone?  Talk it out female-brain.  Confess it.  More than likely, your girlfriend is gonna tell you she's been there.  If she doesn't- she's either lying or she's one of the rare FEW.  Find another friend to confess to.

Over and over, we are getting TRICKED into thinking that we can't or shouldn't SPEAK about our personal temptations.  And our personal hardships.  I'm pretty sure it was GOD (through the Bible) who said something like.... if TWO OR MORE gather together in HIS name....

This is a plea.  Get real.   Don't stay trapped in your solitude.  
Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to his neighbor, for we are all members of one body.  Ephesians 4:25

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