Thursday, March 25, 2010

Save Me From The Crocodiles

I've been drawn to today.  My previous blog came into form when my email inbox"dinged" that I had a message from this website, stating that the source of the content was from David Wilkerson's blog.  It's very cool, because I was literally mid-blog, wanting to talk about 'my feelings' of deception.  God took me elsewhere.

I finished my blog, and continued in Mommy-Mode for several hours.  And I found myself sort of standing in the middle of the kitchen, wondering what to do next... That's rare.  I always have something to do.

I broke out my Iphone, and went to THIS post.  I just wanted to read something, anything- to take my mind away from the chaos that was spinning my wheels into confusion.

The first few lines of David Wilkerson's blog drew me in.  You really need to know why- so I'll pull out an excerpt from what he was saying, referencing JOB 40 (and on)

“Now, behold the crocodile that’s threatening. How will you handle him? This creature has a heart of stone. He has no concept of mercy.” .................

“And what about the crocodile, Job? No human can do battle with such a creature. And nobody in his own strength can strip the crocodile of his thick armor. The same is true of your spiritual enemy, the devil. Only I can win the battle with him.”

Why is that so incredible?  Oh, hang on to your seats!!!!

EXACTLY 30 days after the author posted that blog, my 4 year old daughter, ZOE (The Life of GOD) was watching a DVD made by Phil Vischer called "What's in the Bible with Buck Denver."  I put on my Facebook page what Zoe said:

Buck Denver asks "So? What does God want to save us from?" and Zoe responds (to the TV with enthusiasm) "CROCODILES!!!!!"

March 11 at 2:35pm
Today- Zoe- my little prophetess perked up another Facebook status:

Zoe bounces around, here and there.... from one subject to another in complete randomness. Just now- as I was searching through music online, she bounces over to me and plops down, nodding her head in her Zoe-Excitement: "Mommy. Sometimes the bad days are turned into good days. Did you know that, Mommy?!" Amen, Zoe. Amen!!

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