Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Daddy

I felt convicted- and wanted to journal what God is speaking to me now. Here's the preface:

I'm not a very thankful person. I thought I was. But- I'm not. I'm a whiner. A complainer. It hit me full-force tonight.

A while back- my husband and I were discussing the should or should not of getting myself an iphone. I had plenty of great reasons to 'go for it', and he had one great reason to not. Money (honey). It's an additional 30/month fee just to have that specific phone. So? After goin' round and round about whether or not to get this phone- he gave me permission to 'go for it'. I sat quietly on my 'yes you can'- and went with wisdom and chose NOT to. I went with a 'dumb' phone (as opposed to a 'smart phone' *bah-dum-bump*)

We also discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly as far as him getting a smart phone.
 He had lots of great reasons why he should (for work) I had one great reason why he shouldn't.
 Men are sucked into the 'bad internet stuff'' far too easily. I mean- for goodness sake- it's advertised on MY phone's meager internet options. Advertised!!! ADVERTISED. So? Having the ability to download videos and view movies online via the smart phone? No thank you. I don't want that temptation for my man.  I made it clear- no way jose, please don't do it.

So? Joshua comes home with an Iphone today. (pause)

Bare with me. This was not a financial issue. Not a bit. His Daddy was gonna foot the bill for his phone. The same Dad that foots the bill for his mega F350 Diesel that he's driving. And the same Dad that bought the GPS system in his truck. All for work. IT's a perk, you understand? For bustin his bootie makin his Dad's bank account runneth over. It's not his to keep. It's his to use.  Even still.......  it's hard not to feel like us 'poor folk' (my girls and I) are doing with out while he is livin' La Vida Daddy's Money.

And then- I started feeling sorry for myself. I dug a pity-hole and sat my self down in it, arms crossed like a pouting 6 year old. I began whining internally. "Why can't I have a newer car to drive? Why can't I have a multi-functional device like the Iphone to make my life easier?  Why can't I have the privileges and perks like Joshua has with his Daddy?

My pity-hole got filled in real quick when God gave me a heads up.

 He (God)  is  MY Daddy! I got the Mac-Daddy Dad.  The desires of my heart? Met. By the same Daddy-God that put a Tom Tom GPS system at my front door this afternoon.  The Daddy-God that put it on a friends heart to bless me with something I've been wanting (not needing- paper maps still exist ya know?).

The same Daddy-God that also blessed me with a new phone last year after mine died... through another friend that felt the desire to bless us with a phone she was no longer using.  And so on.... I could list more and more.

Well?  Ok.  I will!  With out having to stop and think- here are the provisions and hearts-desires that God has provided me with when we otherwise could not have afforded it.

  • House Hold Luxuries (Pampered Chef and Tupperware...... found for 90% off retail.....etc.)
  • Cell Phone(s)
  • GPS system
  • Clothes.  Clothes.  And more clothes!
  • Furniture
  • $100 bill in the mail and other cash blessings
  • Vacation(s)  -One to Hilton Head (free)  One to Orlando and Cocoa Beach (free) and another to Daytona Beach Shores ($30/night Beach Front Condo)
If I were to put a lot of thought into it- I could fill a page with 'stuff' blessings the Lord has given us.  I could fill another page with spiritual blessings.  I could fill another page with super-natural health blessings and miraculous ways God has healed our bodies and kept us well.   One day, I will.  

My Daddy-God provides with out strings attached.  He does it in such a huge way.  Such a miraculous "GOD way".    Like the GPS I have now. Every time I hit "Navigate To" I will be reminded of how sweet my Father is.  Every time I skim through our Daytona Beach pictures- I am reminded of how incredible God's provisions truly are (on that vacation- He pushed a major storm system to the middle of the Atlantic right. before. our. eyes. so that we could bare witness to HIS POWER!  Not on a TV screen.  In the sky above our head!)

I have to be in constant remembrance of what He has done for me.  Of  how good He is.  Of how much He loves me.  I have to be reminded over and over and over.  And with all of the ways that He has shown me how well provided for I am; it's absolutely amazing that He has yet to lose patience with me.  Time and time and time agan He goes to storm-pushing lengths to show me how mighty He is.   (and p.s. we got a rainbow right after that "storm")

Selah: Standing on the Promises of God. 

May 29, 2009

please ignore the dates published on these pictures- I dropped my camera in the ocean- 
(a miracle that we were able to take pictures and live video despite my camera swimming in salt water)

May 29, 2009.  The rainbow.

So- when I started this journal entry  (yesterday) I had no intention of posting pictures, or making a video to publish.  God usually speaks to me and moves me as I type.  One of the many reasons I love blogging and journaling inside my blogger.  

I'm reminded (thanks Lord) that He is in complete control.  He's made promises that I do have to stand on.  And believe.  I need to change my outward look onto things that are inward.  

I still want a Iphone.  I still need a new(er) model car that hasn't exceeded the 200k mile mark and hasn't celebrated it's 12 year anniversary.  Our house is still too small in  it's 1000 sq ft entirety to hold all 5 members of our family.  

But HEY- guess what!  God has made me promises.  I am going to stand on them.  And I am going to celebrate inside the provisions and blessings He is putting in my path day to day instead of whining about tomorrows desires not being met.....  I'm going to try to anyway.  And- when my brain fogs out into nowhere land- I will have this journal entry to REMIND me of the revelation God gave me.

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  1. God works in all ways and everything. I am glad you have enjoyed the GPS and that I could send it to you.