Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Nashville Weekend (1)

Our trip into Nashville  has been eventful.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Joshua movin' and groovin' down the hwy at excessive speeds beyond my comfort levels.  I Facebooked in efforts to keep my mind off of the sheer terror I was experiencing when we zoomed through "big-rigs" and "compact cars" in the F350 at 90 mph.  I may have had a slight panic attack.....maybe.

  • Getting into Opryland around midnight (GA time) and  checking in to The Radison (because we wanted to find our 'cool-ville hotel in downtown Nashville and needed to book a last minute deal).  We discovered that The Radison was ultimate COUNTRYfied when we backed the truck up at our door- and had to dodge the pile of barf that was on the brick wall-railing and the carport.  I walked in the door and hit the "Front Desk" button:  "Oh. Hey.  Um?  Someone barfed outside our room....?"  and the front desk replied "Oh? Eh... Eeee... that's..... wow.. I'll send someone out that way."  

  • We decided to walk on over to Shoney's for a midnight snack- they were closed.  Across the path was Johnny A's.  AWESOME decision.   The House Band was in-cred-i-ble!  We were highly entertained by the drunk-dancers.  The bass player was The Big Haired Lady and she killed me she was so awesome!  That chick tapped the bass while she was flippin' through her 'everything country' 10" thick book.  Joshua stole my heart when he requested "Tiger By The Tail"  (I'd never heard the song before.  I just thought it was special that he said "Hey honey.That songs for you.")  After he put in his request- the band tried but they couldn't figure the song out. They went with Buck Owens "Act Naturally".  
    • AND WOULD YOU BELIEVE?!?!  Big Haired Lady hollared out-                                     "Ok Boys- keep going and switch it to E...        and Voila!........  The band moved into "Tiger By The Tail".  Swoon.... my heart was melting.... wait?!?!  What?!?!  That's not a sweet love song!?!?  It was still super-sweet.  And so funny.  I love my man.  

  • While we were there- I tried convincing Joshua to order Fried Pickles.  It's one of our goals to try new stuff while we away for the weekend..  He didn't. ( I didn't blame him. )                                                I ordered White Beans and Corn Bread- apologizing in advance for my 'not-so-considerate' food choice. (what?)  They brought out white beans and..... pancakes?  Apparently I still have too much Northern blood running through my veins- 'cause I had to double check with the waitress: "Um? Is this the corn..... bread?"   She didn't mind.  "Ya, sweetie.  That's the corn bread."   "Heh.Heh.Heh.  Ok.  He he he."  (I'm such a dork!)
  • And here we are.  In our room.  Totally stoked to be away for the weekend.  Tennessee is working out well for us so far.  I love it!  

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