Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello Insanity, Why'd You Stop By Today?

From Start to (almost finish) this day has brought me a PILE of chaos mixed in with a few cups insanity;
It began at 7:00 AM when my alarm clock started singing to me.  Singing- that's right.

WWEV Victory 91.5 FM. (listen online- tune in all the time.  it's the best station in the WORLD)

The point of setting the alarm to that station is actually NOT to wake me up-
it's to start soothing my mind before I crawl out of the bed, er,
to be more accurate, before SOME cute little 2 year old crawls into bed with me.
(frozen toes and all)

I need that peace to start working it's way into my mind- after only 5 hours of sleep, this particular morning made me even more gratefully thankful that God blessed me with this awesome radio station.

This cold winter morning was soothed by the awesome fire my husband had blazing down stairs
Frozen toes did not meet my skin today
The smell of bubble gum, however, heightened my senses in a different way
Leah Anderson- soggy diaper and all
Handed me all 6 pieces..... of the gum she had stole
From down stairs; (the ones meant to have had a closed gate)
This little munchkin of mine found my purse, and began the raid.

Onto my pillow she hopped, with a plop and  a..... splash?
What?  Huh?  And up I jumped in a super fast dash
 My dear sweet child has soaked through her diaper
Mental Note- Change my linens and next time, invest in the Pampers

Breakfast was easy- eggs on the griddle
 Hungry little girls then requested some cereal
Crunchy bites of granola all over the floor
And would you believe they STILL asked for more???

Eyes droopy, asking for coffee-belly, hungry- begging for a food......
And so play time begins for my Tres Amiga brood
"She hit me, she pulled me, I want more to do!
When's Daddy coming home?  He's better than you!"

I send them upstairs, to play nice and be sweet
I had a goal to clean one room.  Just one. OH what a TREAT
 I'm focused.  I'm working.  I'm getting it done
And down the stairs toddles........ the little one

 Powder Powder- on her nose, her chin, her hair
On the dark wooden floor, the carpet, the stairs
Levels two and three are covered in white
Johnson's Baby Powder- what a scented delight!

I begin the process of removing the white powder haze
At this point, I chuckle , "Oh wow- it's one of those days."
Amusement withdrew having seen the enormity in the mess
My skin begins to crawl, and I become all together consumed .........with stress

Pippy Longstocking came to mind- that silly little pig-tailed girl
The one that strapped scrubbers on her feet and cleaned with a twirl
Out came the rubber bands, the Swiffer cloths, and a bit of tape
Cleaning can be fun I suppose- if when doing it, you   "skate".

As I sit here- creating this ditty
Powder and Cereal remain on our floor
I'll get no rewards for my poetic beauty
or my pristine home making decor

But the little one is quiet, and still- supposedly napping
The middle of mine no longer asking for more food or snacking
My oldest is content, reading a book and watching a movie
And I'm blogging- not screaming, angry or moody.

All's well in The House of Anderson this evening
Dinner beckons and so does the cleaning.
But, I'll stay still, maybe doze for a minute or two
What's 10 more things to add, to my list of "To Do" ?

What happens when a mom gets the crazy notion that she may possibly actually get around to getting SOMETHING in her house clean?


   Insanity comes banging on the front door calling
 "I'm Heeeeeeeere!!"

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