Monday, December 28, 2009

40 Days

 It's very biblical.  There are so many instances in the Bible that God allowed us to see that "Forty relates to a period of evident probation".  

The link above will take us to a few scripture references that allow us to see the number 40 in action.  It's a period of trial.  

For a few weeks I've been telling myself that I really need to give up wheat and sugar. Not forever- but for a period of time.  I've just been feeling crummy lately.  In my body.  In my mind.  All together.

 I am experiencing what I'd like to call "Dwarf Syndrome"-  Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Bashful, Sneezy- and NOT at all Happy.  I feel like I've been in desperate need of a Doc.  No kidding- I've considered just getting put on a thousand and one medicines to relieve my symptoms.

However- having been (self) trained in all things 'natural health' I realized that my poor diet HAD to be the culprit.  Mega doses of bread and chocolate, pie, ice cream, biscuits, pasta, and super LOW doses of raw fruits, veggies, lean meats, fresh fish, etc took me to this place of YUCK.  I'm a miserable person- through and through!!!  God layed that 40 day thing right in my lap.  He KNEW I needed to start kicking it high gear and 'learning' myself that whole "Self Control" thing.  

Thus, on Sunday December 27, 2009 I decided that my 40 days had to begin.  No wheat.  No sugar.  My body needs a break!  To be honest, I'd not really thought clearly about the significance of '40' when calling out that number as the time I was to fast this food- I was actually be practical.   Due to a soon-coming health reform via a certain 'diet', which happens to also last a 40 day period, I decided it'd be best to start training myself in a little something called "Self-Control".  I need LOTS of training in that department.  

So, I marked my calendar.  And counted out 40 days.  Start: December 27.  End: February 4.  

Oh?  I should clarify.  February 4 is my 29th birthday.  I DID NOT plan this.  Not at all.  

Exactly 28 days AFTER that 40 day trial puts me smack dab on March 3, 2010-  my 10 year Anniversary.   Bet your wondering the significance of 28?  Yes?  No???

Ok.  I'll tell you.

28 is a multiple of 7- "Spiritual Perfection"  or "Perfect"  
4 is accounted for in this number, meaning "Creation" 

I want to do more research to understand what it is exactly that God is trying teach me with all of these very significant numbers. 

And 10?  It marks our 10 year anniversary.  What does 10 mean? 

 "Ten is one of the perfect numbers, and signifies the perfection of Divine order."

I love it that God is teaching me through these numbers!!!   ON MY WALL- I HAVE WRITTEN- "Divine Order".  In our bedroom.  On my husbands side of the bed to be exact.  "Divine Order".  There's more to be said about this statement- because it was taught to me a while back that THIS is the year for divine order.   

I know that to the 'naked' eye all this seems hokey and strange.  But- as stated in my previous blogs- these blogs are mainly for me.  Other folks just get to 'tag along' as I'm writing out my life lessons.

I'm going trough a 40 day trial.  I want EVEN more to succeed in my 'fast'.  (Please note- this was not intended to be a fast for spiritual reasons- it was purely based on health and wellness.  God just decided to put His awesome hand on my 'plan' to make it HIS.  Or?  IS it the other way around?  I don't know.)

I can't wait to continue to study the number 40. 

I'm also going to read through this site and try to see if it's a 'hokey' place to glean from.  I found it while researching "40 days".  So far- it looks kind of interesting.  I can't pass it up- especially KNOWING that God is trying really hard to show me something!

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